19 October 2012

Who Was David Rice?

Was David Rice related to my ancestor, Ransom Scroggins Rice?  Land in Franklin County, Tennessee, was transferred to Ransom Rice by David Rice in open Court May term 1820.  That suggested a relationship.

This message mentions a Jackson County, Georgia, 1799 Tax List and Benjamin Rice, David Rice and Chatham (Chattin Doggett) Scroggin.  Ransom Scroggins Rice was said to have been born in Georgia.  Was it Jackson County, Georgia?

A GenForum message stated that Benjamin Rice was Ransom Scroggins Rice's father.  If this tree (the William Pendley Rice and Mary Ann Gooch tree) is correct, Ransom S. Rice's uncle is David Rice.  Another version of the Rice/Gooch tree.

Now I have some names and a place (Jackson Co., GA) to work with.  Is David Rice Ransom S. Rice's uncle?  It's possible.

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