19 July 2018

Philo Truesdell's Probate File

Michigan, Probate Records...St. Clair Estate files 1900...:

Philo Truesdell

Wife: Martha Helen Truesdell
Mother: Harriet N. Truesdell
Daughter: Nina A. Truesdell
Daughter: Mary H. Truesdell
Son: Walter R. Truesdell

Census 1900
Port Huron city Ward 6, east side, St. Clair, Michigans
Philo W Truesdell Head M 47 Indiana
Helen M Truesdell Wife F 47 Michigan
Nina H Truesdell Daughter F 22 Michigan
Walter R Truesdell Son M 20 Michigan
Mary H Truesdell Daughter F 15 Michigan

Philo Truesdell's memorial at FindAGrave.

18 July 2018

Backus Told Strang's Story

Source - The King of Beaver Island by Charles K. Backus

Clarke Historical Library at Central Michigan University houses a Strangite Collection, which included letters sent and received by Clement J. Strang.

Letter #7

Postmarked July 18 [Probably 1875]

C.J. Strang

Respected Friend:

Your postal came.  I will send the Diamond.  It is the only one I have.  I am jealous of the man Backus, and fear that he will not give James J. Strang a fair representation.  Would it not be well to hint to him?

I have a letter from young Joseph, in which he offered to let me be a co-worker if I will affiliate with his disciples.  But I cannot adopt his and usurpation.

Other Notes:

Joseph in Plano, Illinois    Sept 1877....Where is Clement and how is your mother's husband....Gabriel is in Ohio, or was last I heard from him.

17 July 2018

Seizure Of The Falkland Islands


"Three events, important to England, took place in 1770; election petitions, the 'Boston Massacre," and Spain's seizure of the Falkland Islands." [Source]

The Mississippi Valley historical review (1914):

These islands [Falkland] were seized by the British in 1766. In 1770, a Spanish force expelled the small English garrison and took possession of Port Egmont. The downfall of [French Minister] Choiseul dissipated any hope of French aid [for Spain]. King Charles III agreed to restore the British garrison, but he still clung to the claim of sovereignty over the islands.

14 July 2018

Timothy Guard's Writ

Illinois Probate Records, Gallatin Order book 1813-1838:

14 July 1813
Subject to a Writ
Re: James Wheelan, Deceased

13 July 2018

Tories of the Upper Ohio

The Tories of the Upper Ohio By Wilbur Henry Siebert:

 "The name of Fort Pitt was changed to Fort Dunmore and a new county was organized with this post as its judicial seat. While many of the old residents of Pittsburg sided with Connolly, a large number of others resisted the new order of things and was severely treated by the commandant."

"Thus Dunmore's assertion of Virginia's claims to the upper Ohio must be regarded as part of the unjust assumption of the government of Great Britain that brought on the War of the Revolution in the back country."

"The situation was only aggravated by the depredations against the Indians committed by Connolly and his adherents. Such conduct afforded cause for added complaint on the part of the inhabitants of Pittsburg and for retaliation on the part of the [Native Americans]."

"Dunmore now found it necessary to invade the Ohio country with the militia of the frontier counties in order to suppress the Indians and restore peace.  At the close of this expedition, known as Dunmore's War, Connolly decided to support British authority in America and was directed by the Governor to disband the troops returned from the Indian Country...".

12 July 2018

Francois Trudell's Estate

Michigan, Probate Records, Wayne Probate packets:

IMAGE 435  FILE #140

Image 449 Indiana Territory
Image 455, heirs
Image 464 in French maybe Francois Gamelin  [See Francis Gamelin in a blog post]
Image 468 list in French
Image 469 signed by Gabriel Richard
Image 478 Springwells
Image 480 expenses
Image 483 lots of names
Image 484  " including Joseph Bondy
Image 487