16 October 2017

Gardner Odell's Minor Children

Michigan, Probate Records...Genesee Estate files 1857-1883...:

Image 273
File# 1020
Mtter of William G. Odell

Margaret E. Sinnott of Genesee County has 3 minor children in said county:
John Charles F. Odell, age 12
Cynthia M. Odell, age 10
William G. Odell, age 6
15 May 1869

Also mentioned: Solyman Carpenter

Name Egerton Willson
Age (Expanded) 52 years
Birth Year 1841
Birthplace Canada
Spouse's Name Cynthia O'Dell Mccallum
Spouse's Age (Expanded) 34 years
Spouse's Birth Year 1859
Spouse's Birthplace  Flint, Michigan
Event Date 18 Oct 1893
Event Place Cadillac, Wexford, Michigan
Father's Name John Willson
Mother's Name Margaret Lawrence
Spouse's Father's Name Gardner O'Dell
Spouse's Mother's Name Margaret Wheaton

Athens, Calhoun, Michigan, United States
Gardner Odell M 39 New York
Margaret Odell F 26 New York
Charles Odell M 4 Michigan
Cynthia Odell F 1 Michigan

See Margaret's Widow's Pension from Gardner Odell's Civil War service here.

Lord Dunsmore


15 October 2017

Gardner Odell's Widow's Pension

Odell, Gardner (WC57068) › Page 1 - Fold3.com
Case Files of Approved Pension Applications of Widows and Other Dependents of Civil War Veterans, ca. 1861 - ca. 1910 › Michigan › Heavy Artillery › Regiment 6 › Company A (WC57068)

Margaret Odell's Address: Wyoming, New York

Gardner Odell mustered into service on 12 January 1864
Gardner Odell died 23 October 1864 in the Regimental Hospital at Fort Morgan (Mobile Pointe), Alabama

Gardner Odell and Margaret E. Wheaton married 21 October 1851 (Affidavit of Clergyman George W. Huntley; no public record) [Odell of Lima, Livingston County, New York; Mrs. Margaret E. Wheaton of Portageville, Wyoming County, New York].  He was previously married; his wife died in 1850 or 1851 in Lima, New York.

Charles F. Odell, born 20 December 1856
Cynthia M. Odell, born 11 January 1857
Wm. G. Odell, born 20 September 1862

Document dated February 2, 1865

Margaret married Edwin Sinnott in Genesee County, Michigan on 30 September 1868 [Wheaton was given as Margaret's maiden name] John and Adeline Sinnott were witnesses.  She and Edwin Sinnott were divorced on July 8, 1879.

Margaret E. Odell was dropped from the Widow's Pension roll due to her death on May 15, 1916, in Cadillac, Michigan.  Daughter Cynthia Marshall sent letter to Pension Board.

The Spanish Acquiesced To The British

From The Mississippi Valley historical review (1914):

Plans for the capture of these Spanish possessions in the event of war were fully discussed by British authorities. The two countries seemed on the verge of war in 1770 on account of the dispute over the Falkland islands, and General Gage, commander of the British forces in America, was ordered to take steps preparatory to an attack on New Orleans. With the ultimate capture of the entire province of Louisiana in mind, mobilization of troops at New York was begun early in 1771. But the king of Spain, before hostilities were actually opened, acquiesced to the terms submitted by Great Britain.

What happened earlier:

"In 1763 a treaty between France, Spain and Great Britain was signed at Paris, which terminated the seven years war (called in this country the French and Indian war), and under its provisions there was a complete redistribution of territory in the South and West. Louisiana, which then included the Isle of Orleans and all the territory west of the Mississippi, was ceded to Spain, while Florida, extending from the Atlantic to the Mississippi, and including all the territory on the east bank north of the Isle of Orleans, was given to Great Britain as the result of the glorious war...".  [Source]

14 October 2017

A Factor In Virginia


A factor in Virginia was part of the above case.  Below is an explanation of a factor and factories in this time frame.