18 August 2017

David Chase's Probate #5777

Wayne County, Michigan, Probate File #5777:

Image 821

David Chase
Will Dated: 2 January 1864
Witnesses: Marcus A. Chase; Wm. E. Warriner
Chase, Egbert (Son)
Chase, Emily (Daughter)
Chase, Arline (Daughter)
Chase, Adelaide (Daughter), Delaware Co., Ohio
Adelaide's husband: Early F. Poppleton

Event Place: Michigan, United States
Household Role Gender Age Birthplace
Laura Chase F 67 Massachusetts
Egebert Chase M 41 Michigan
Henry Van Renselaer M 22 Michigan
Arle Van Renselaer F 23 Michigan
Elisabeth Chase F 33 Michigan

17 August 2017

Mutual Ancestors In A Backus Book

Main Author: Backus, Mary Elizabeth (Neilson) 1876-
Published: [Salem, Mass.] Printed for private distribution [1949].
Subjects: Backus family (William Backus, d. 1661).

William Backus (d. 1661), the original immigrant, was both an ancestor of Dana Converse Backus and me.  William's daughter, Sarah Backus, was one of his children who was my ancestor.

William Backus m. (perhaps Sarah Charles)
his daughter Sarah Backus m. John Reynolds
their daughter Sarah Reynolds m. John Post
their daughter Sarah Post m. Timothy Backus
their son John Backus m. Joanna Cleveland
their son John Backus m. Jerusha Baker
their son John Backus m. (perhaps Hannah Fuller)
their daughter Laura Backus m. Thomas Richmond
their daughter Cynthia Richmond m. James More
their daughter Addie More m. William Powers
their son Ralph Powers m. Beatrice Cameron
their son Richard Powers m. J. Garrett

William's son, Stephen Backus, was my ancestor as well.  Stephen is an ancestor through both his son, Timothy, and his daughter, Rebecca.  

William Backus m. (perhaps Sarah Charles)
Stephen Backus m. Sarah Spencer
Timothy Backus m. Sarah Post
John Backus m. Joanna Cleveland
John Backus m. Jerusha Baker
John Backus m. (perhaps Hannah Fuller)
[See Above Lineage For Descendants, Including Me]

William Backus m. (perhaps Sarah Charles)
Stephen Backus m. Sarah Spencer
Rebecca Backus m. William Baker
Benjamin Baker m. Jerusha Parish
Jerusha Baker m. John Backus
John Backus m. (perhaps Hannah Fuller)
[See Above Lineage For Descendants, Including Me]

Grissell Fletcher [also in the Backus book] was also an ancestor of mine through her daughter, Hannah Jewell.

Thomas Jewell m. Grissell Fletcher
Hannah Jewell m. John Parish
Benjamin Parish m. Mary Tracy*
Jerusha Parish m. Benjamin Baker
Jerusha Baker m. John Backus
John Backus m. (perhaps Hannah Fuller)
[See Above Lineage For Descendants, Including Me]

Lieutenant Thomas Tracy is another ancestor of mine who was also in the Dana Converse Backus ancestry.  Thomas Tracy's son, Jonathan, had a daughter, Mary*, who married Benjamin Parish.

Also of note: Matthew Marvin (also in the book) was my son-in-law's ancestor, through his daughter, Sarah Marvin. 

16 August 2017

Alexander M. McDonald's Petition

Upper Canada Land Petitions (1763-1865) [access microfilm here]:

Upper Canada Land Petitions (1763-1865)
Microform: c-2192
Petitions "M," Bundle 3
Petition #45 [Image 325]
Alexander M. McDonald

...Petitioner had the honor of serving during the late American War in His Majesty's ?4?th Regiment, Sergeant Major to the Second Battalion...making preparations for bringing his family into this Province...

Newark, 15 August 1797

15 August 2017

The Tories Fled Precipitately

While on a visit in 1781 to her [Nancy Craighead Richard Dunlap] sister, Rachel, wife of Dr. [David] Caldwell of Guilford, the latter's house was surrounded by armed Tories, for the purpose of seizing the Doctor, who was an ardent Whig and taking him to the British camp.

As they were about to leave the house with their plunder and their prisoner, Mrs. Dunlap, coming from another room, stepped up behind Dr. Caldwell leaned over his shoulder, and whispered to him, as if intending the question for his ear alone, asking him if it were not time for Gillespie and his men to he there. A soldier standing near heard the words, and in great alarm, demanded what she meant. The lady replied she was merely speaking with her brother.

In a moment all was confusion, the whole party were panic-stricken and in the consternation produced by this ingenious manoeuvre the Tories fled precipitately, leaving their prisoner and plunder. [Source]

14 August 2017

Anton Fuhrmann, Probate #7501

Michigan, Probate Records, Wayne Probate packets...:

Anton Fuhrmann [14 August 1876]

son John Furhmann last known residence in Canada (and the other children named)

Will of Daniel Young

Livingston County, New York
5-362 [Image 225]
14 August 1861

"I Daniel Young of the town of Livonia, in the County of Livingston and State of New York...my last Will and Testament...".

Caroline Gregg, daughter of my lately deceased wife
Grandson James A. Young (son of my deceased son James)
Grandson Charles Dibbell
Daughter Rebecca Elizabeth Dibbell
Son-in-law Charles Dibbell
Witnesses: Andrew Sill; Marina Sill

Codicil: 26 January 1863

13 August 2017

Petitts In Grimsby


From Déliberations Et Mémoires de la Société Royale Du Canada:

Jonathan and Deborah Pettit lived in the State of Pennsylvania. Part of their land was in New Jersey. There were two sons, Andrew and Nathaniel. *Andrew married Sarah Smith in 1780, and in 1787, with wife and four children, started for British territory.

His brother Nathaniel lived on a farm between Grimsby and Beamsville. He owned the land on which Grimsby now stands. Nathaniel Pettit owned lot No 9 in the first and lot No 9 in the second concession.

From the Grimsby Museum:

"This Indenture of Land  [see Indenture online] was made between *Andrew and Sarah Pettit and their son Jonathan A. Pettit on August 17, 1814.  Lot 14, Concession I & II, 160 acre lot."

John B. Pettit, son of Jonathan and grandson of Andrew:


12 August 2017

Captain Lewis In August

Portrait In Arch Museum Exhibit - St. Louis, Missouri

An August 12, 1805, entry regarding Captain Meriwether Lewis in the Chronological Tables...: