22 January 2017

A Pension For The Widow McCoy

William McCoy was a Civil War soldier; his widow, Mary Donaldson Mccoy, received a pension.


An Article Regarding War Of 1812 Research

An article by Stuart L. Butler in Prologue: Selected Articles, Winter 1991, Vol. 23, No. 4, was entitled "Genealogical Records of the War of 1812." [A variation here]

Adjutant General's Office (Record Group 94) was mentioned in the article. [Consult Fold3.com for records online]

Perhaps the most genealogically rich records for this period are the pension application files in the records of the Veterans Administration (Record Group 15).

"...Index to War of 1812 Pension Application Files (M313, 102 rolls). [NOTE: Some of the M313 records have been placed online at Fold3.com]

Often overlooked, but potentially useful, are Miscellaneous Manuscripts of the War of 1812 and its accompanying name index.

There are several National Archives publications that researchers should examine before using some of the records described herein. National Archives Microfilm Resources for Research: A Comprehensive Catalog (1990) [see article for others].

21 January 2017

Maria Mitchell's Probate #21796

Michigan Probate Records, Wayne Probate packets...:

Probate File #21796
Maria Mitchell
Died: 21 January 1896

She and her husband were buried in Elmwood Cemetery
Mitchell, Thomas C. (dec'd son) Elmwood Cemetery
Vinton, George Jay, Heir and Executor, Detroit, Died 23 Dec. 1910
(Nee) Allen or Allyn, Annie (Reissner) Niece, Trustee, Detroit, Later Chatham, Ontario
Allen or Allyn, Maria, Niece
Wilson, Ann, Sister, Executrix, Detroit
Vinton, Warren Jay, son of George Jay Vinton, Detroit
Irving, Avis, Heir, Indianapolis, Indiana
Morris, Alice, Niece, Detroit
Vinton, Rose B., Guardian of Minor Heirs Of George Jay Vinton
Vinton, Robert K., Minor
Vinton, Donald, Minor
Vinton, Elizabeth, Minor
Morris, William, Heir, Detroit

Letter Addressed To The
Consul Of Great Britain At New York

Henry Morris, Tilbury, Ontario, Canada
George Morris, Tilbury " "
Charles Morris, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Thomas Morris, Cottam, Canada
Henry Morris, Tilbury, West Canada
Emma Morris Dodson, Tilbury, West Canada

Michigan, United States [Detroit, Wayne Co.]
Maria Mitchell F 38 England
Annie A Mitchell F 10 Upper Canada
Thomas Mitchell M 5 Michigan
Next Door is Ann Wilson (Maria's sister)

20 January 2017

Estate Of Luigi Dama In Court


In the Matter of the Estate of LUIGI DAMA, Deceased.

When Both Olographic [alo known as Holographic] and Attested. — A testamentary document in the handwriting of the testator and having subscribing witnesses may be proved either as an olographic or as an attested will.

Luigi Dama died intestate in San Francisco on the twentieth day of January, 1888...at the time of his death he was a widower, his wife, Wealthy B. J. Dama, having predeceased him on the sixth day of November, 1882, in the said city and county; that she left surviving her Luigi Dama, her husband, and Sarah Randall, her mother, the contestant; also brothers and sisters — Edward W. Randall, of Bath, Maine, aged fifty-eight years, Benjamin Randall, Boston, Massachusetts, aged forty-five years.
Frank H. Randall, aged thirty-two years, and Jennie Forbes, Boston, Massachusetts, aged forty-six years that at the time of the death of Luigi Dama he left property which was acquired by the joint labor of himself and his spouse.

San Francisco, San Francisco, California
Household Role Gender Age Birthplace
Luigi Dama Self M 54 Italy
Wealthy B Dama Wife  F 53 Maine
Horace Adams Other  M 50 New York
Mary Adams Other  F 42 Massachusetts
John Folsom Other M 48 Ohio
Chas Dunlap Other M 29 Wisconsin
Mary Fairchild Other F 26 New York
James Fairchild Other M 9 New York
Jennie Fairchild Other F 6 New York
Ah Sing Other M 25 China

Wealthy Dama was buried in Bath, Maine.

19 January 2017

Going Into The Rebel Country

British Military and Naval Records...petition of John Turney of the Butler's Rangers:


...being sent by command of his Excellency, Sir Henry Hamilton, Lieut. Gov. of Detroit...having had the good fortune to be successful going into the rebel country...

See a full transcript here

17 January 2017

The Objective Was Chattanooga

The Campaign For Chattanooga:

After the firm possession of Nashville early in 1862, and the subsequent battle of Stones River, December 31, 1862, and January 1 and 2, 1863, the objective of the Army of the Cumberland was Chattanooga.

Missionary Ridge

Chattanooga was the gateway through the Cumberland Mountains for the Union Army to the Atlantic seaboard States. For the Confederates it was a railway center of immense importance. It occupied the intersection of nearly all their trunk lines. Those from Richmond through East Tennessee to New Orleans there crossed the lines from Memphis to Charleston, and those from Kentucky through Tennessee and Georgia to the Southeastern seaboard. There was only one other line of communication between Richmond, Atlanta, and New Orleans.

See blog post Securing Lookout Valley.

16 January 2017

Garretts In Lowndes County

Alabama, Probate Records, Lowndes Minute index 1832-1878 vol A:

Image 62

More Garretts can be seen on Image 61, Image 59, Image 57, and Image 56.

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