23 September 2018

Ezra Tower

From the United States Census Of Union Veterans and Widows of the Civil War

Co. E
Sept 16, 1864
Sept 23, 1866 [sic?]
2 years, 6 months

See the Tower family in the 1894 census.

22 September 2018

Lieutenant Linn's Fearless Lambs

Street Scene In New Orleans

Lieutenant [William] Linn, with forty-three men, set out from New Orleans September 22, with a cargo of ninety-eight kegs of powder, nine thousand pounds, in barges.

Map Of Fort Pitt

The expedition reached Wheeling the following May, at a time when that post and Fort Pitt greatly needed the powder for protection and to further their dealings with the Indians.  In October, Captain Gibson, who had been imprisoned by decree of the governor, in order to quiet the suspicions of the British consul, was permitted to embark for Philadelphia on a vessel despatched by Pollock. [Source]


21 September 2018

Wayne County Probate File# 26130

James Anderson
Brother Of The Estate
Dundas, Minnesota

This one?

Census 1900
Dundas village Ward 1, Rice, Minnesota
James Anderson Head M 60 Canada Eng
Josephine M Anderson Wife  F 38 Minnesota
Jesse E Anderson Son M 20 Minnesota

20 September 2018

Allan McDonell (Collachie)


"After some difficulty, in which the Mohawk Indians figured as peacemakers, Sir John Johnson and Allan McDonell (Collachie) signed a paper agreeing "upon his word and honor immediately deliver up all cannon, arms, and other military stores, of what kind soever, which may be in his own possession...". [Source]

"The six of the chiefs of the Highland clan of the McDonells made prisoners were, Allan McDonell, sen. (Collachie), Allan McDonell, Jnr., Alexander McDonell, Ronald McDonell, Archibald McDonell, and John McDonell, all of whom were sent to Reading, Pennsylvania, with their three servants, and later to Lancaster." [Ibid]

  In Lee's History of the County of Inverness the following passage occurs:

    In 1773 a newspaper informs us that three gentlemen of the name of Macdonell, with their families and 400 Highlanders...embarked for America, having obtained a grant of land in Albany.

    The three gentlemen referred to were three brothers, John Macdonell of Leek, Allan Macdonell of Collachie and Alexander Macdonell of Aberchalder. [Source]

   Allan Macdonell of Collachie married a daughter of "The MacNab"... . [Ibid]

19 September 2018

The McDonald Connection

The first clue that the Howard family was connected to the McDonalds was drawn from William Howard's 1843 obituary:

"His mother was afterwards married to a Lieutenant McDonald, with whom he removed to Upper Canada when but a boy."

Information found in a 1792 request for land in Canada by Martha Howard [of the River a la Tranche,now the Thames River, Upper Canada] on behalf of her son William Howard:

"Six years ago she [Martha Howard] was in possession of Lot No. 7, Fort Erie Township
Surveyed for Allan McDonald who made it over to her...".

William Howard was eventually granted Lot #5 [Howard Twp., now in Kent County, Ontario, Canada], a part of which was sold in 1805 to Hannah McDonald Lipscomb, daughter of Allan McDonald, of the Township of Gainsborough, yeoman, formerly a sergeant in Butler's Rangers.

Wreath From Queen Victoria

"The death of President Garfield in 1881 moved the Queen...".

"As a gesture of her deep sorrow for Mrs. Garfield and the people of the United States, the Queen sent a large wreath of white tuberose to the funeral."

"Today, visitors to James A. Garfield National Historic Site can see the wreath displayed in the Memorial Library vault." [Source]

17 September 2018

Howards In The Upper Canada Sundries


Howard Mr. 1808 January 6 York 2830-1
[Upper Canada Sundries : C-4504 Image 707]

Howard Peter 1808 February 4 -  2884-5
[Upper Canada Sundries : C-4504 Image 761]

Howard Peter 1808 February 6 York 2886-7

Howard Stephen 1811  January 4 York  5163-4
[Upper Canada Sundries : C-4507 Image 28]

Howard Thomas 1838 January 1 - 102698-703
[Upper Canada Sundries : C-6896 Image 1216 +-]

Howard Wm. 1813 August 21 - 6619-21
[Upper Canada Sundries : C-4508 Image 429]