20 October 2021

Perry Spendthrift

Michigan Probate Records...Oakland Packet index 1822-1870:

James Perry

File# 1373 [Image 373]
Year: 1856
Adam Perry and George Perry, appointed Guardians

19 October 2021

Vreeland In Brownstown

Wayne County, Michigan
Jacob Vreeland
Probate File #1502

[Image 44]

Daniel C. Vreeland, Petition To Be Appointed As Administrator
Image 10 Persons With Interest In The Estate


17 October 2021

Mary Backus's Estate

Michigan Probate Records, 1797-1973  Oakland Probate calendar 1868-1886 vol 3-4, no 2658-5051

Mary Backus

16 October 2021

Had The General Been As Vigilant

Indian Attack (Source)

Had [General Hand] been as vigilant in preventing the departure of McKee, Matthew Elliott, and the Girtys as were the Marylanders in 1775 in securing Dr. John Connolly, the Indian raids upon the frontier would have been fewer in number and less efficiently organized than they subsequently became. [Source]

15 October 2021

Dederick Ackland In Canada

Exemplifications, Upper Canada, Province of Canada and Canada, 1853-1951 (C-3907):

Schedule of Patents For Land Issued
Register 1806

13 October 2021

Letters Of Administration For The Lydia Fowler Estate

New York, Probate Records...Steuben Letters of administration...1853-1863 vol 4:

Lydia Fowler 
4-112 [Image 154]
13 October 1856