26 May 2020

Purnall Fowler (Or Houston)

11 May 1801

...that one Purnal Houston (sic?) and Joseph McDougall...hath obtained a license to keep an ordinary at the house formerly occupied by Thomas Pindall, Deceased, at the forks of the road in the County of Monongalia, therefore the said Purnal Fowler...shall not suffer or permit any unlawful gaming in his house...Jno Evans, Clerk

24 May 2020

Luther Byron Baker Lectured About Booth's Capture

Photo Included L.B. Baker (Above) And Two Others

Undated Lecture Notes by Luther Byron Baker (MS 87-148: Baker-Yull-Cooley collection ) mentioned at the Archives of Michigan.  Description Undated lecture notes written and delivered by Luther Byron Baker regarding his experience in the pursuit, capture, and death of assassin John Wilkes Booth.

Memorial Report (Ingham County, Michigan), for Luther B Baker, who died May 24, 1896:

The lieutenant's story : Luther Byron Baker address (information from the Lincoln Collection).

Title supplied by cataloger from cover letter.; Luther Byron Baker, a cousin of La Fayette C. Baker, was an officer of the U.S. Secret Service during the Civil War, and later a resident of Lansing, Michigan.; Address describing the pursuit and capture of John Wilkes Booth following the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln. The lecture was given in the states of Michigan, Ohio and Indiana. The cover letter is typed on Michigan Millers Mutual Fire Insurance Co. letterhead, dated October 4, 1948 and was sent by Baker's son, Arthur D. Baker, to the Lincoln National Life Foundation director and gives information about the speech.

See another photo at Luther B. Baker's Memorial At FindAGrave.

21 May 2020

Letter Dated May 21, 1807

Archibald McMillan and family fonds : H-1099 [Image 246]:

21 May 1807

My Dear Sir:

I have shipped on board the sloop Canada addressed to you 4 chests good Hyson skin tea which I hope you will sell to the best advantage on my account... .

The Patent of Lochaber sent is without a date which you will be pleased to learn and let me know----.

Dougal Cameron and Duncan McDougal both in the distribution list of Lochaber are neglected to be put in the patent although both of the old list.