23 February 2017

Express From General Jesup

The Historical Magazine dated September, 1866, printed the Diary of the Indian campaign in Florida of 1837-8, written by Capt. Electus Backus, U.S.A.:

On February 23rd express (mail) came from General Jesup that the Indians refuse to come in.  Next day, Col. Zachary Taylor, with Captain Barker and Lieutenant Hill for escort, left in good weather to join General Jesup.

22 February 2017

Jacob Meyer In Pittsburgh's Probate

Jacob Meyer was Jim's 2nd great-grandmother's second husband.

Image 832
Meyer, Jacob
Feb. 22, 1902
Chas. F. Meyer, Admin.
27-297 [3]

Image 302 [Volume 27, Page 297, Block 3]

20 February 2017

Hon. Parry Humphreys Obituary

Obituaries In Early Tennessee Newspapers  1794-1851

Humphreys, Hon. Parry W. d. at Hernando, DeSoto Co. [Mississippi] on Sat. last formerly a member of Congress from Tennessee  Judge of Supreme Court  From Marshall County Republican Nashville Union (Mon, Feby 25, 1839)

Hunphreys County, Tennessee, was named after Parry W. Humphreys.

19 February 2017

Mary Staves And Her Family

*How do we know Mary was a Staves?  Can documentation (a will, deed, church record, etc.) be found?

John Staves and Abram Staves (presumably Mary Staves' brothers) were naturalized in Clinton County, New York.  John Staves stated that he was from Chambly, Quebec, and Abram Staves indicated that he was from the Province of Lower Canada (Quebec).  The 1840 document also stated that Abram was brought to the United States when he was a minor of either one or two years old.

An earlier blog post, A French-Canadian DNA Match, included my Staves ancestor, Joseph Jacquex Staves.  The name Bricault dit Lamarche may have been changed to Staves. There is a link to information about Jean Bricault dit Lamarche (in French) with a roughly translated version here.

*A link to Ancestry.com has Mary Staves (1787-1876) married to Mitchel Swinyer.
Also see Mitchel Swinyer's memorial at FindAGrave.

1850 Census
Saranac, Clinton, New York, United States
Mitchel Swinger M 67 Canada
Mary Swinger F 63 Canada
Abram Swinger M 32 New York
Archibald Swinger M 21 New York

Saranac, Clinton, New York, United States
Michael Sweena M 77 Canada
Mary Sweena F 75 Canada
Edward Sweena M 35 New York

Greene County, Illinois, "Ms" In A Probate Index

Illinois Probate Records, Greene Probate index 1836-1848 vol 6:

18 February 2017

John Stave In Clinton County

New York, County Naturalization Records, 1791-1980  Clinton Petition evidence 1833-1836 drawer 45, packet 27:

John Stave, of the Town of Peru...renounce all allegiance and fidelity to his majesty the king of the United Kingdom.....27 January 1836
Affidavit from Eleakin Mason of Plattsburgh in the County of Clinton...

I, John Stave, a native Chambly in Lower Canada, of the age 44 years...he came to the United States when a minor at the age of eight - years or before he was eighteen years of age...
Affidavit from Nathan Taylor

Abram Stave's Naturalization

New York, County Naturalization Records, 1791-1980  Clinton Petition evidence 1833-1836 drawer 45, packet 27:

Abram Stave

State of New York
Clinton County

I, Abram Staves, native of the Province of Lower Canada now a resident of the town of Peru...age of 40 years...came to the United States when a minor of the age of 1 or 2 years...

1 July 1840