27 May 2017

DeSoto's Expedition

DeSoto National Memorial Park

"[De] Soto collected a body of 900 foot and 350 horse for an expedition into Florida where he landed in May, 1539. From the Gulf of Mexico he penetrated into the country northward and wandered about in search of gold, exposed to famine ,hardships and the opposition of the natives." [Source]

26 May 2017

Elizabeth (Howard) Connor

Source [An Upper Canada Scene]

Upper Canada Land Petition
Connor/Howard, Elizabeth
C Misc 1788-1794
Petition 220 [Image 265]
Microfilm # C-1732
Daughter of John Howard, Loyalist, Late Lieutenant in the 2nd Batt. Roy D. Yorkers
Married to Doctor James Connor
Land may be assigned to her, as the daughter of a Loyalist -- in Pittsburgh

May 26, 1790

25 May 2017

Deacon Paine's Journal

From The Mayflower descendant, Volume 8...

"...an old journal [1695 - 1718] kept by their ancestor, Deacon John Paine of Eastham, Mass."

Deacon John Paine was the son of Thomas Paine, of Eastham, by his wife Mary Snow, the daughter of Nicholas and Constance (Hopkins) Snow.

My ancestor, Elisha Paine, was John Paine's brother.

23 May 2017

Postmarked Chatham U.C.

Postmark stamp was Chatham, U.C. [Upper Canada], dated May 27, 1856:

Image 143

Document in the Frances Riley Probate File #2609 in Wayne County, Michigan.

21 May 2017

Detroit Mayor's Yachting Accident

A Representative Great Lakes Yacht

"...KIRKLAND C. BARKER, Merchant, late of Detroit, Michigan, was born September 8, 1819, in East Schuyler, Herkimer County, New York."

"He obtained employment in a public warehouse, where his business ability was soon recognized; and he was often sent to New York in charge of a boat, or as supercargo on the lakes. While acting in this capacity, he became skillful in the management of sail-boats, which secured for him the distinguished honor of being elected Commodore of the Yacht Club on the lakes, holding the title during life."

"Mr. Barker met an untimely death in Detroit River, on the 20th day of May, 1875. It is supposed that he was struck with apoplexy while sailing a small yacht opposite his residence at Grosse Isle. The boat capsized, and when he was taken out of the water, life was extinct."

K. C. & Jeannette Barker in 1850
Anthony Dudgeon bio (father of Frederick); Frederick Dudgeon also died in the yachting accident.

My 1st cousin 3x removed, Andrew Millar, also drowned in this accident.  Andrew's father, also named Andrew, was Mr. Barker's gardener.  Andrew Millar (Sr.) was married to Jane More, my 2nd great grand aunt.