24 March 2017

William Roark, Juror?

From Illinois Probate Records, Gallatin Order book 1813-1838:

Looks like William Rowark as a juror?
24 March 1814

23 March 2017

A Canadian In The Civil War

Letters Received by the Commission Branch of the Adjutant General's Office, 1863-1870, included a letter from a Michigan soldier, Muir A. McDonnell, who was a Canadian native.

23 March 1866
Nashville, Tenn.

  • Letter to Hon. W. A. Seward, Washington, D.C.
  • Letter of introduction from Malcolm Cameron
  • At the breaking out of the late rebellion was reading law
  • Ottawa City, Canada West, my native home
  • [Late Captain] 8th Michigan Cavalry
  • Rank of Sergeant
  • Born in Clarendon, Canada

Muir A. McDonnell's ancestors were referenced here, including a grandfather who was a major in the British Army as well as a granduncle who was a British colonel.

Listed in the records held at the Archives of Michigan as Muir A. McDonald.

22 March 2017

Patullos Who Settled In Ireland


The American Illustrated Methodist Magazine, Volume 6, The Scotch-Irish Stock.....

Most of the characteristic names are Saxon or Norman. Whitelaws, Elliots, Livingstons, Bryces or Bruces, Patullos..., all settled in Ulster and brought with them their stiff Calvinism... . 

20 March 2017

Mentioned Washington County

Michigan, Probate Records, Wayne Probate packets 1815-1816...:

Wayne County, Michigan, Probate File #149
James Henry, Deceased, Of Detroit

Image 914
Notarized in Washington Co., Pennsylvania

Probably this James Henry:

"General Brock’s British and Canadian invasion force marched along the river road until reaching the
tan-yard of James Henry (1771-1812). Henry came to Detroit in the 1790’s as an agent for the contractor supplying the army garrison and constructed the tan-yard as a separate private investment. James Henry’s father, William Henry (1729-1786), was a gunsmith from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and delegate to Continental Congress." [Source]

19 March 2017

Buskirks Not Burdicks

Source - Conesus Lake, Livingston County, New York

Isaac Burdick [BUSKIRK] 
Event Place: Conesus, Livingston, New York
Household Role Gender Age Birthplace
*Hannah Burdick F 40 New York
Emiline Burdick F 16 New York
Mary Burdick F 14 New York
Harriet Burdick F 11 New York
Amy Burdick F 9 New York
Harrison Burdick M 5 New York

*Hannah (Backus) Buskirk was the sister of my Laura (Backus) Richmond.

18 March 2017

James White In Maryland

Maryland, Register of Wills Books,  Allegany Wills 1790-1850 vol A:

Page 472  Image 256
James White 
August 5, 1840

Researching a James White and also researching in Allegany County, Maryland; this particular James White is not the one I need to find.

17 March 2017

Palm Family Lineage Update

Rather than scour each of my "Palm" posts, I decided to post part of an e-mail I received:

"On your information you write several times that the Ohio Palms are not related to the Schondorf Palms, which is not true. The Ebingen line stems from the Schondorf line… they are, of course, related."

The person who sent this is correct and I want to thank her for pointing out that my posts were (unintentionally) misleading.