15 February 2019

A View Of Detroit Circa 1835

Plat Map of Detroit (The Old Place)

Ohio History, Volume 15Cyrus P. Bradley Journal, 1835

15 Monday We arrived at Detroit... 

Many are here with their families having improvidently left their homes without knowing for whither or for what; many are here on business many to look on and catch a spark of the general glow of life which seems to animate everything and everybody in the place.

I knew it was a very old place it having been founded by the French about the time of the landing of William Penn... . ...Yankee spirit predominates and Detroit is in effect a new city. 

14 February 2019

John Monahan

"M" Index Card# 2115
Monahan, John (40 yrs)   (spelled Monaghan in a document)
Wayne County, Michigan, Probate File# 8591
Mich. Asylum for the Insane at Kalamazoo.  He killed his father.
There was a trial.

Probate File #8591 (viewed at AncestryHeritageQuest online via my public library account)
Monahan, Patrick H., brother (witness); Patrick said father was about 84 or 85 years old
Doctor's testimony in court (regarding an incident involving John Monahan as a boy): 

Source: AncestryHeritageQuest
Probate Estate Packets, 1797-1901; Author: Michigan. Probate Court (Wayne County); Probate Place: Wayne, Michigan

13 February 2019

When In Canada


"About this time *certain gentlemen in Canada began to be unenviably known. I make no charges against those whom I do not know, but simply say that the Confederate agents, Jacob Thompson, Larry McDonald, Clement Clay, and some others, had already accomplished enough villainy to make Wilkes Booth, on the first of the present year, believe that he had but to seek an interview with them."

*certain gentlemen in Canada"[Obituary of ] Col. Robert Maxwell Martin of Louisville, Ky., one of General John H. Morgan's Confederate troopers. He was in the [February 1864] plot to abduct Vice President Johnson on his way to the inauguration, succeeded to the command of the Third Kentucky Cavalry, and in last days of the war, when in Canada, formed the plot to abduct Johnson." [Source]

Amos McCrea On Index Card

British Military and Naval Records (RG 8, C Series) - Index Only
Microform: c-11837
[Image 4575]

Amos McCrea, et al

to Sir George Prevost

Praying that a Regular Force be stationed at Amherstburg & Detroit.

Sandwich. 26 - 2 - 1813

c.878, pp. 112-114

12 February 2019

Regarding Florida Rangers

"The Enemy kept up a smart Fire on the Garrison for about 5 Hour, after which Lieut. Col. Thomas Brown, of the Florida Rangers, came with a Flag...".


10 February 2019

Heirs Of James Kirkpatrick

Illinois Probate Records, Gallatin Order book 1813-1838:

Heirs of James Kirkpatrick

of Washington County, Pennsylvania
10 February 1827

09 February 2019

Abram Snay, Oldest Surviving Lincoln's Avenger

Screenshot From YouTube (Clinton County, New York, Museum)

The site, Boothie Barn, has an entry entitled, Retracing the Steps of the 16th New York (Lincoln's Avengers).
Abram Snay is my 2nd great grand uncle.