24 February 2018

Samuel Acklin And Rebecca Cusick

Court minutes, 1795-1802, Knox County, Tennessee  (Online Page 13)

Tuesday Morning 23rd October 1792 Court met according to adjournment
Present Jeremiah Jack, William Lowry, and John Adair
esquires, Justices of the Peace & C.

Samuel Acklin who is charged by Rebecca Cusick of this County, Single Woman, with being the Father of her Bastard Child, and Stands bound to appear here and abide by and perform the order of this Court, concerning the Same, appeared; and thereupon it is adjudged that the Said Samuel Acklin, find Security to discharge and Save harmless the Overseers of the Poor, and Inhabitants of this County from all costs charges and trouble whatsoever by reason of the birth , maintenance of, and bringing up of the Said child, and of and from all Suits charges and demands whatsoever. Whereupon the Said Samuel Acklin with Samuel Newell his Security came into Court and acknowledged themselves to be jointly and Severally indebted to the Justices of this County and their Successors in Office in the Sum of Three hundred dollars; Yet upon this condition that if the Said Samuel Acklin, Shall observe and perform the above order of this Court against him, the Same Shall be void.

Online Page 36/Book Page 30 Newell/Acklin; Online Page 53/Book Page 47; 91/85; 131/125; 261/255;

Sister Mary Benedicta

A probate file from Wayne County, Michigan:

File# 9361 [Image 22]
Sister Mary Benedicta [Mary McDonour]
Died: 24 February 1879
Age 33 per LW&T 

Lucy (and Mary?) in the census taken in Monroe County:

United States Census, 1870
Name Lucy Haskens
Birth Year (Estimated) 1840-1841
Birthplace Michigan
Lucy Haskens F 29 Michigan
Mary McDowner  F 24 Michigan

22 February 2018

John McFadyen And His Heritage

Source [See vol...Dec_1_1905_to_May_15_1906.pdf]

The biography of John McFadyen, son of Michael and Margaret (Craig) McFadyen, provided information about the family.  One important clue stated that John was born in Kilburnie, Ayrshire, Scotland (in 1849).  John's widowed mother came to Maryland with five children when he was about 7 years old.  After the Civil War the move was made to Pennsylvania where Margaret McFadyen died at the age of 65.

John attended Johns Hopkins and graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree and spent his life in the coal industry, perhaps influenced by the legacy of his father, who was a mining engineer.

John's 1910 death in New Jersey was noted in his biography.  It was noted that two of his siblings, James, of Wilkinsburg, and Kate Duckworth, of Connellsville, survived him.

Here's a blog of another person who is researching McFadyens from Kilburnie.

21 February 2018

Nathan Cole Of Michigan

The descendants of Elisha Cole : who came from Cape Cod to what is now Putnam County, New York about 1745 (1909):


Adeline (Richmond) Barbour Cole is part of this Cole family.  "Nathan... m. (2) April 2, 1854, Mrs. Adaline, wid. of Giles Barbour."

Nathan Cole's daughter, Betsey, married David Roat.  See a probate file regarding Roat minor children whose guardian was David Roat.

20 February 2018

Palmer Swinyer In Ware, Massachussetts

Civil War Company H, 96th Regiment, New York Volunteers (called Swiner instead of Swinyer):

United States Census, 1860
Town of Peru, Clinton, New York
Mitchel Swinier M 44 Vermont
Martha Swinier F 41 Vermont
Palmer Swinier M 21 New York
Adaline Swinier F 19 New York
Emaline Swinier F 17 New York
Hollish Swinier M 15 New York
Harriet Swinier F 13 New York
Evaline Swinier F 9 New York
Wallace Swinier M 5 New York
Aletta Swinier F 1 New York
Source: FamilySearch

Palmer Swinyer (Swinier in census), 1st cousin 4x removed (son of Mitchel Swinyer); grandson of Mitchel Swinyer and Mary Staves, who were also my ancestors.

Palmer was listed as a Sweeney (not Swinyer) in the Directory...Ware, Massachusetts:


1900 Census
Ware Town...Hampshire, Massachusetts
Palmer Sweeney Head M 60 New York
Delia Sweeney Wife F 55 New York
Emma Sweeney Daughter F 34 New York
Orilla Sweeney Daughter F 29 New York
Peter Sweeney Son M 27 New York
Albert Sweeney Son M 25 New York
Katie Sweeney Daughter F 22 New York
Henry Sweeney Son M 16 New York
Source: FamilySearch