20 March 2018

Allan McDonald Petition 21

Upper Canada Land Petitions (1763-1865)
Microform: c-2139

McDonald Allan Charlottenburg 1837 308 MC 21 1 RG 1 L3

19 March 2018

Uriah Duckworth Made An Oath

Maryland, Register of Wills Books, 1629-1983 Allegany Wills 1790-1850 vol A...:

Page 494  [Image 268]

Uriah Duckworth made an oath

17 March 2018

Clara Fowler's Probate

New York, Probate Records, 1629-1971 Clinton Wills 1895-1902...:

Clinton County, New York
Volume T, Page 498

Clara Fowler Image 573
Keeseville, Clinton, New York
8 September 1891

Sister, Susan F. Morgan, of Fort Wayne, Indiana
Niece: Clara Fowler of Sparta, Wisconsin
Niece: Anna Fowler of Keeseville
Friend: Anna M. Wood(s)
Witness?: Lydia Fowler

FindAGrave memorial here.

15 March 2018

James Nathaniel Garrett Of Texas County

Not Ours....

James Nathaniel Garrett
Will: 15 March 1897

Upton Township, Texas, Missouri
James N Garrett Head M 64 Tennessee
Margaret Garrett Wife  F 52 Tennessee
James W Garrett Son M 31 Kentucky
Emma C Garrett Daughter F 20 Missouri
Nellie R Garrett Daughter F 17 Indiana

Children named in Will Item #2: Niota B. White; James W. Garrett; John C. Garrett; Hattia M. Norcott; Emma C. Garrett and Nellie R. Garrett

Census 1930
Blytheville, Mississippi, Arkansas
Nellie Williams Head F 44 Illinois
James M Williams Son M 19 Missouri
Marguriete Williams Daughter F 10 Arkansas
Margaret Garrett Mother F 83 Tennessee
Ike Harris Boarder M 58 Missouri

Margaret Garrett and her daughter Nellie Williams were in Memphis in 1940.
See James N. Garrett's memorial at FindAGrave.

14 March 2018

Sufferings In The Captured City

Summer In Quebec, Quebec, Canada

Lieutenant-General John Maunsell's winter in Quebec:

But if gallantry was displayed in scaling the precipice with Wolfe and routing the French on their own ground, it was far more conspicuous in enduring the dangers and sufferings of the terrible winter which the shattered remnant of the army spent in the captured city. Besides their ever-active enemies in the flesh they were compelled to face frost and cold, hunger and nakedness, scurvy and fever. The officers shared the labors of the men, so that a sergeant records: "None but those who were present on the spot can imagine the grief of heart the soldiers felt to see their officers yoked in the harness, dragging up cannon from the lower town; to see gentlemen who were set over them by his majesty to command and keep them to their duty, working at the batteries with the pick-axe and spade." Maunsell survived these dangers, labors, and privations, and when Levis, who had succeeded Montcalm, came against them in the spring with three times their number, he was one of the three thousand left from Wolfe's nine thousand whom General Murray gallantly but unsuccessfully led out to meet them on the same field where their heroic chief had fallen. [Source]

Quebec Map Circa 1759