17 June 2019

Sarah (Smith) Howard, Niece Of Estate

Howard, Sarah
Father lived in Suffolk, England
Daughter of Thomas Smith
Niece of estate, John Hatcher

File 15328

16 June 2019

Fort Jackson Noted In A Journal

Fort Jackson was mentioned in the Journal of William H. Richardson on the 16th of June (below):

Journal Of William H. Richardson, A Private Soldier in the Campaign of New And Old Mexico...
[Page 84]

14 June 2019

Lincoln And Nolin Creek

Source (Lincoln Birthplace)

"...born...in then called Harden (Hardin) County, Kentucky, at a point within the now recently formed County of Larue, a mile or a mile and a half from where Hodgenville now is -- my parents being dead and my own memory not yet serving, I have no means of identifying the precise location -- it was on Nolin Creek, June 14, 1860.  A. Lincoln."


Quebec, Quebec Judicial D... Guardianships, 1639-1930...:

30 July 1811

Joseph Chouinard [Image 741]

Pierre Chouinard [Image 748]

13 June 2019

Daniel Young's Will

New York, Probate Records...Livingston Surrogate record index 1821-1931..:

Daniel Young
Wills 5-362
Caroline Gregg, daughter of my late deceased wife...
Grandson, James A. Young, son of my deceased son, James...
Grandson, Charles Dibbell....
Daughter, Rebecca Elizabeth Dibbell....
Son-in-law Charles Dibbell...

Census 1860
Livonia, Livingston, New York
Daniel Young M 83 New Jersey
Phila Young F 75 Massachusetts
Caroline Gragg F 48 New York

12 June 2019

Record Book A Of Kaskaskia

Source [Canadian Archives]

"There is in Record A of the Recorder's office in Belleville a copy of a receipt given by the first territorial recorder of St. Clair County, William St. Clair, to Francois Charbonneaux of the Virginia Court of Kaskaskia for documents deposited by the latter in the archives of the recorder of the newly founded territory. The receipt is dated at Kaskaskia, June 12, 1790. In it St. Clair describes six record books all of them more or less mutilated and four bundles of papers entitled Papier Terrier and 1,308 bills of sale."