18 October 2012

The 1838 Borzelle (Basil) Petit Estate

Part of a file found while sifting through papers at the Archives of Michigan:

The estate of BORZELLE PETIT*, Deceased, was listed in a record book housed at the Archives of Michigan, St. Clair County, Record of Proceedings 1835-1838:

Records of the Estate of Borzelle Petit, deceased, Twp of Clay
25 January 1838
Joseph P. Minni came into court and filed an application to be appointed Administrator...undersigned late widow and heirs of Bozelle (or Borzelle) Petit, late of the Township of Cottrellville, deceased....sometime after death....again married to Lewis Cauchois who was appointed administrator and Lewis died without fully administration upon said estate....recommend Joseph P. Minni....

Signed:  Cecil (her X mark) Cauchois, Piere Demers, Mokeh (Her X Mark) Lozon, Bozelle (His X Mark) Pettit

*Basil Petit

Note:  I am not related; no further information

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