12 October 2015

Askin's Protest Of Wilkinson's Proclamation

From Papers Of The War Department  (Collection Detroit Public Library: Timothy Pickering Papers):

October 12, 1797 Wilkinson's Proclamation and Related Documents

"Pickering encloses General Wilkinson's proclamation at Detroit, John Askin's petition to General Wilkinson complaining about the proclamation, and Wilkinson's response to the complaint."

"There was considerable discussion over the proper method to be followed by those who wished to remain British subjects.  A faction was rapidly growing that hesitated to become naturalized. The leader in this faction was John Askin.... . Askin drew up a statement, or notice, to the effect that the signers did not wish to become citizens of the United States, but desired to remain subjects of Great Britain... ."

"The actions of Askin in procuring the notices above mentioned had made him an object of suspicion to the authorities. He was a man of great influence, a trader on a large scale, an officer in the Canadian militia, and to some extent the Warwick of the west, for if he did not hold important offices, he dictated who should hold them."

Also see Citizen By Treaty.

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