19 September 2014

Clements In The Bostwick Book

My Dad's first cousin, M. George Allen, was a Bostwick descendant through the Allens, not George's Powers (maternal) side. My Dad's Clement first cousins were related to Dad through his mother, Beatrice (Cameron) Powers.  The Bostwicks and the Clements merged (again?) when Charlotte Crysler, a Bostwick descendant, married Lewis M. Clement.

Genealogy of the Bostwick Family in America: The Descendants of Arthur ...

Children of Lewis M. and Charlotte Eliza (Crysler) Clement:

From the Central Pacific Railroad Photographic History Museum, a biography of Lewis Metzler Clement:

"On September 24, 1786, L.M. Clement's grandfather, Col. Lewis Clement, was born in Niagara to John and Mary (Ball) Clement. Like his father, he was also a devoted loyalist to the Crown. In 1806, Lewis Clement, then nineteen, married sixteen-year old Margaret Crysler and six years later their son, Ralph Morden Clement, was born on January 9, 1812."

"In 1836, Ralph Morden Clement married Charlotte Amanda Metzler and the next year the first of their seven children, Lewis Metzler Clement, was born in Niagara-on-Lake. In 1840 the family moved to nearby St. Catherines, Ontario...".  "...on February 1st, 1858...Charlotte Eliza Crysler married her cousin, Lewis M. Clement, at St. George's Church in St. Catherines."

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