18 September 2014

Another Post About Looking For John Johnson's Roots

Searching for a man named John Johnson who was born somewhere in Georgia about 1793 is a project I've shied away from.  It looms larger when I'm in Georgia for weeks at a time.  Will I ever be able to identify John's parents?  Here's my first post about looking for John Johnson's roots.

John Johnson was born ca 1793 in Georgia.  He married Polly Greer, whose family was from Greene County, Georgia.  Was he in Pulaski County, Georgia?  There was one Johnson in the extracted information of early Pulaski County will books; not a name currently associated with my Johnson family (Matinza Johnson). Perhaps Greene County is a better place to concentrate.

The Johnsons also lived in Wilson County, Tennessee.  Moved to Illinois between 1829 and 1832 based upon the birthplace of their children.

They were in Eagle Precinct, Gallatin County, Illinois, by 1850, probably between 1829 and 1832 based upon the ages and birthplace of John and Polly (Greer) Johnson's children Elizabeth and Lucy. 

United States Census, 1850

Eagle, Gallatin, Illinois, United States
Household Gender Age Birthplace
John Johnson M 56 Georgia
Mary Johnson F 57 Virginia
Elijah Johnson M 15 Illinois
Nancy J Johnson F 12 Illinois
James Johnson M 10 Illinois
Martin Johnson M 9 Illinois
Rebecca Greer  F 70 Virginia

United States Census, 1840
name: John Johnson
residence: Equality, Gallatin, Illinois
page number: 22
nara publication number: M704
nara roll number: 60
film number: 0007642
digital folder number: 004411225
image number: 00633

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