16 August 2014

Rebecca Neighbors In The Family Tree

Rebecca Neighbors, who married Asel [or Asa] Greer, was my 4th great-grandmother.  The best tangible proof of that is the 1850 census.  It is presumed that Rebecca's daughter, Mary Greer, married John Johnson.  The fact that Rebecca, who was born in Virginia, is living with the Johnsons in 1850 lends credence to the familial relationships.  The Johnsons' son, James, who was age 10 in 1850, was my 2nd great-grandfather.  His son, James Dudley Johnson was my great-grandfather.  James Dudley Johnson's daughter, Katherine, was my grandmother.  [See part of the family tree]

1850  IL    Gallatin   Eagle Precinct  
  Johnson     John  56   M      Farmer            Geo
         Mary           57   F          Va
         Elijah  15   M    Laborer     Ill
         Nancy J.       12   F            Ill
         James          10   M            Ill
         Marten         9    M            Ill
 Greer    Rebecca        70   F                Va       

This Wikitree entry included a more extensive family tree for Rebecca Neighbors than the tree I currently use.

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