25 February 2014

Valentine Coleman's Widow's Pension Papers

Valentine Coleman of Manchester Twp., York County, Pennsylvania:


The oath of Reverend William German who swore that he preached the funeral sermon of Valentine Coleman...

Elizabeth Leighteberger....testified that Valentine and Anna Maria (Schrull) Coleman were married upwards of 43 years at her own house by Jacob Alingas/Aringer(?)  Elizabeth was 84 as of 20 November 1846; she also mentioned that Valentine Coleman died 24 August 1845 and that he was at least 10 years older than she was (he was over 90 when he died according to the statement).

...personally appeared John Shrull [or Schrull]...was acquainted with the widow of Valentine Coleman before their marriage; she was Anna Maria Shrull...they had 2 sons and 2 daughters together...

An affidavit from Frans Holler, a resident of Manchester Township, York County, Pennsylvania, who became acquainted with Valentine Coleman sixty years ago.  His neighbors then living informed me that he had been a soldier in the Revolutionary War.  ...Valentine Coleman died __ August 1845... .  Mr. Holler, age 82, was also well acquainted with the widow Coleman.  Dated 25 February 1847

Philip Huver also appeared before Peter Zorger, J.P. in York County.  Mr. Huver stated that he became acquainted with Valentine Coleman 35 years ago... he must have been about 90 when he died....February 25, 1847

Henry and Catherine Welty mentioned here.

Also an affidavit from Valentine Coleman's widow, Anna Maria, with her mark:

Valentine Coleman's name was also listed on a document entitled "An Act For The Relief Of Daniel Henderson And Others, Soldiers and widows of Soldiers of the Revolutionary War(s) dated 15 April 1847."

Here's a summary of Valentine Coleman's service.

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