24 February 2014

Philo Leach Estate

The estate of PHILO LEACH, Deceased, was listed in a record book housed at the Archives of Michigan, St. Clair County, Record of Proceedings 1835-1838:

(Page 125)  Records of the estate of Philo Leach, deceased
21 January 1838
Robert Scott applied for Letters of Administration
....Dear Sir - The undersigned being aware that the late death of townsman, Mr. Philo Leach, has involved his business in somewhat a deranged situation, and being likewise aware that Mr. Robert Scott is the only man who has been acquainted with the affairs of Mr. Leach previous to his death is in our opinion the most suitable man to administer on the estate of the said dec'd, and do hereby recommend him for the appointment above.
Signed: Emily Leach, H. James, J. J. Falkinberry, D. Folensbee, John Clark, H. Chamberlain, T. Beebe

(Page 150) Philo Leach estate (Continued) - Lots of names

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