26 February 2014

Samuel Clemens' Sunday School Teacher

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From the Mark Twain Project:

The first entry is included in case Joshua Richmond* was part of the Richmond Family documented by Joshua Richmond Bailey (as am I).
Richmond, Joshua (b. 1816?), a mason, was Clemens’s first Sunday school teacher at the Old Ship of Zion, a small brick Methodist church situated on Hannibal’s public square. Clemens remembered him as “a very kindly and considerate Sunday-school teacher, and patient and compassionate, so he was the favorite teacher with us little chaps. . . . I was under Mr. Richmond’s spiritual care every now and then for two or three years, and he was never hard upon me."
- On Tuesday evening, the 16th inst., by the Rev. J. ? Burnett, Mr. Joshua Richmond to Miss. Angelina Matilda Cook, all of this city.  [Missouri Courier, Hannibal, MO., Thurs., Jan. 18, 1849]

* I cannot find this Joshua Richmond in the Richmond Family book.

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