27 February 2014

John Hunt

See this link for a portrait of frontiersman John Hunt, the founder of Huntsville, Alabama.

"Frontiersman John Hunt settled by the Big Spring in 1805 after moving south from Tennessee."

"John Hunt has been described as six-feet tall and weighing 180 pounds--a large man for that time period. He fought in the Revolutionary War, but since he served as a private in a regiment outside the "Continental establishment" he received no pension. Before moving to Huntsville, John Hunt was the first sheriff of Hawkins County, NC, and his house was used as the first courthouse of Powell River Valley of Claiborne County, TN." [Source: Huntsville Madison Public Library]

On February 27, 1822, John Hunt died at the age of 72.  He was buried in the Acklin graveyard, now known as the Sively graveyard, a short distance from where he spent his final days. [Source]

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