15 December 2013

What Did Mrs. Thiers Do?

Found Mary Thiers' name in a Wayne County, Michigan, probate file index.  While doing further research, this article was found in the Canton [Ohio] Repository, published December 15, 1895 (text also found here).

A suburban doctor, Hector Emerson, was charged with burglary and convicted.  His devoted wife stayed by his side during the trial.  Mrs. Emerson then discovered that her husband signed over property to Mrs. Mary Thiers when he was in jail.  Her love turned to hate and she was granted a divorce from the good doctor.

It was discovered that Mary Thiers had been living with John Thiers (a friend of Dr. Emerson), who died in July (1895), and that all of John's property was left to Mary, but that the two were not married.

Source (GenealogyBank)
Was Casper Wittman, AKA John Thiers, ever divorced from Mrs. Wittman of Buffalo, New York?  How much fraud, if any, is part of this story?

Here's an article about more drama from the Thiers/Wittman family.

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