16 December 2013

James Oglethorpe's Georgia

A blog post about James Oglethorpe (from information found in this source)...


...it could be readily shown that Oglethorpe never coveted or acquired, except to a very limited degree, the proprietorship of Georgia lands... .

His connection with the foundation and development of the colony was characterized by disinterested benevolence, and all his services in behalf of the trust were rendered voluntarily and without remuneration. In advancing the welfare of the colonists, and in supplying their wants, he drew largely upon his private fortune. Often the trust was heavily in debt to him.

The only home he ever owned or claimed in Georgia was located on the island of St. Simon. The only hours of leisure he enjoyed — and they were but few — were spent in sight and sound of his military works along
the southern frontier... . Just where the military road connecting Fort St. Simon with Frederica, after having traversed the beautiful prairie constituting the common pasture land of Frederica, entered the woods, General Oglethorpe established his cottage.

Jim's Photo Of Frederica

Now in tent in Savannah, now in open boat reconnoitering the coast, now upon the southern islands, his only shelter the wide-spreading live-oak, designating sites for forts and look-outs, and with his own hands planning military works and laying out villages; again in journeys oft along the Savannah, the Great Ogeechee, the Altamaha, the St. John, and far off into the heart of the Indian country, frequently inspecting his advanced posts, undertaking voyages to Charleston and to England in behalf of the trust, and engaged in severe contests with the Spaniards, his life was one of incessant activity, danger, and solicitude.

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