16 May 2013

My Widow Howard Wasn't Found There

Based upon William Howard's obituary, his mother was the widow of a British Royal Navy surgeon killed early in the Revolutionary War [possibly named Abraham Howard].  Did she ever receive a widow's pension based upon Mr. Howard's service?

Records, described below, contain British military pension application data on behalf of widows.  Was the Widow Howard's name to be found among these records?

"Certificates of birth...and personal papers of officers and their families...alphabetically arranged, 1776-1881...(W.O. 42/1-51)  [Bundles 429-450 Horneck-Howes FHL BRITISH Film 860091]"

Documents for my Widow Howard were not on Film 860091 that I viewed today.  Did she survive Lt. McDonald and collect from him?  Haven't viewed those records yet.

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