15 May 2013

The Author Of The Missouri Compromise Bill...

...married Rebecca Hamtramck, widow of Colonel John F. Hamtramck.  The City of Hamtramck, in the metropolitan Detroit area, is named after Rebecca's husband.

From Transactions of the Illinois State.....

Jesse Burgess Thomas, born in Hagerstown, Maryland in 1777, was descended from Lord George Calvert (Lord Baltimore).  When he was two years old his family settled in Bracken county, Kentucky.

As a lawyer, he moved to Dearborn county, Indiana Territory.  In 1805 he was appointed a captain of militia by William Henry Harrison, with whom he had a warm friendship that continued throughout life.

Before going to Washington to take his seat in the U. S. Senate, Judge Thomas changed his residence from Cahokia to Edwardsville, the county seat of Madison county.

Background of the Missouri Compromise.

A link to the Papers, 1785-1866 of Jesse Burgess Thomas.

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