17 May 2013

He Was a Jewell

Thomas Jewell was my ancestor through his daughter, Hannah, who married John Parish.  Unfortunately, The Jewell Register (seen below) does not include Thomas's daughters.  It was noted that the daughters were uncounted in this book.


The first authentic account of Thomas is in the early part of 1639...and shows that he had then a wife and one child, probably a daughter. The Boston record is as follows:

"The 24th day, 2d mo., 1639. Also there is granted to Thomas Jewell, of the Mount, Miller, for three heads, 12 acres, upon the covenant of three shillings per acre."

This "Mount," was Mt. Wollaston; first settled in 1625...incorporated as Braintree in 1640; Quincy was set off in 1792... .

The following is a copy of his will, as witnessed by Wm. Scant and Hannah H. Harbor. "The will of Thomas Jewell of Brantray, while he is yet in perfect memory.  ...give power to these two my friends herein mentioned, namely William Neadam and Tho. Foster... dated the 10th, 2d month, 1654."

The Probate records show that administration was granted to Grisell, the widow of Thomas Jewell, July 21, 1654; but on the 5th Oct. 1655, she being about to marry Humphrey Griggs, William Needham and Thomas Foster above named, were appointed executors...Griggs agreed to bring up Jewell's children, of which there were several, both sons and daughters, and all under age. She was soon left again a widow; as administration was granted to Grisell Griggs, on the estate of her late husband Humphrey Griggs, Aug. 18, 1657."

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Posted on what would have been the 84th birthday of Jewell descendant Richard N. Powers (my Dad).

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