02 April 2013

Rouse's Confiscated Whiskey

From Reports Of Committees Of The House Of Representatives....

The petition of Lewis Rouse, a citizen of the United States, resident at Green Bay, in the Territory of Michigan...

Fox River, Near Green Bay, Wisconsin

To the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled:

...That in the month of April, in the year 1818, a quantity of whiskey...the property of your petitioner, which he had purchased at St. Louis, and transported to Prairie du Chien, for the purpose of selling the same at the latter place, was taken by the order of Col. Chambers*, then at said Prairie du Chien, in command of the United States' troops, for the use of said troops.

...on the eve of departure on an expedition to the Falls of St. Anthony. [Source]

*Colonel Talbot Chambers loved to make a display was fond of drinking freely and was naturally tyrannical and overbearing, and when intoxicated, was desperate and dangerous. [Source]

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