01 April 2013

Research Using Old Envelopes And Postcards

Mr. Miller sent a nice e-mail to me after finding the Saulpaw surname on my Rootsweb database. It basically stated that he "...recently found a photo of an old envelope that Maxwell, Saulpaw & Company of Nashville, Tennessee sent in 1861."  He wasn't related, but had "a photo of the envelope because of an interest in using old envelopes and postcards in genealogical research."  His e-mail led me to the very interesting Philatelic Genealogy website where the envelope could be viewed.
Mr. Miller explained how to find the specific envelope referenced in his e-mail:
To see the envelope -- (from the Main Menu, select Search Database, enter Saulpaw, press Enter on your keyboard, and click on Moses).


Note:  Mr. Miller granted permission to use the above image if accompanied by the information below:
This photograph is copyright Schuyler Rumsey Philatelic Auctions (http://www.rumseyauctions.com/) and appears in the auction catalog for Sale 37, Lot 1636, as well as on Philgen.org (http://philgen.org; search on Saulpaw). Reprinting, distributing, or copying this photograph in any form requires written consent from Schuyler Rumsey Philatelic Auctions.

Back to the Saulpaws:  Emeline Davis married George Saulpaw.  Emeline's sister, Mary Jane Davis, married Arthur Lemuel Rice (brother of my ancestor, James A. Rice).  Mary Jane and Arthur were the ancestors of my double cousin (and the late, great researcher, Connie Brinley Butterfield).  And that's why the Saulpaws were in my Rootsweb database.

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