03 April 2013

Edward Cleveland Married Rebeckah Paine

From the Cleveland book written by Edmund Janes Cleveland:

Edward (3) Cleveland, lived in the N. W. corner of Cantebury now the S. E. part of Hampton; was taxed 1716 on 24 pounds.  In land distribution Canterbury, April 30, 1723, he received 1 1/2 shares as a first settler and planter--Canterbury rec. "Edward Cleveland, Junr., & Rebeckah Paine were m. in Kingstown in the Govt. of R. I. by John Eldred Asst."  Admitted to church; Edward (3), 1741, Rebecca, May 31, 1719, she separated from chh., 1744.  Will of Edward (3) Cleveland dated Oct. 28, 1765, inventory of property Nov. 16, 1771, 249 pounds and 10S.

EDWARD CLEVELAND (Edward, Moses) m. Rebekah Paine on April 17, 1716, in Kingston (RI).  Rebekah was a daughter of Elisha and Rebecca (Doane) Paine.

Johannah, Rebecca, Solomon, Palmer, Deliverance, Silas, Experience and Paine.

From one of my earlier blog posts:

My Cleveland ancestors mentioned in my "Richmonds & Connected Lineages" blog that lists my Mayflower lineage (Edward Cleveland who married Rebecca Paine and their daughter, Joanna, who married 2nd John Backus). 

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