23 March 2013

Probate of Richard Pattinson

Richard Pattinson married (1st) Felicite (Phyllis), daughter of John Askin, who was prominent in early Detroit and Ontario history.  Below is a description of a Probate document of Richard Pattison of Montreal, Lower Canada, included people and property of Michigan.

Calendar of Wills. 313 

PATTINSON, Richard, of Montreal, Lower Canada. Children Mary Ann, Richard, Ellen Phyllis, half brother Hugh Pattinson, Mrs. Archange Askin and her da. Mrs. Therese McKee, Dr. William Caldwell of Montreal, Female Benevolent Society of Montreal, of which Mrs. Aird is treasurer, Jasper Tough. Real estate in Upper Canada, in Indiana and Michigan, personal property. Executors Robert Gillespie, George Moffat, both of Montreal, merchants, and William Gilkson of Glasgow, Scotland, merchant, with George Jacobs of Sandwich, John Askin and James Gordon of Amherstburg. Upper Canada, as agents. Witnesses H. Bleecker, J. W. Rockwell and Jas. van Ingen. Will made, executed and proved in Albany. Recorded ut supra, p. 346.

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