24 March 2013

William Washington Woods

William Washington Woods, the son of William and Keziah (Acklin*) Woods, married Patsy Houston.  "William Houston Woods, the son of Rev. William W. and Patsy (Houston) Woods, was born January 1, 1831, in Maryville, Tennessee... .  His mother was a first cousin of Gen. Sam Houston, of Texas fame."

*Keziah Acklin and my Elizabeth (Acklin) Hinds were sisters.

Sam Houston had a disastrous first marriage to Eliza Allen.  There is tangential connection to my family tree though Eliza's brother, who married a Trousdale:

 Eliza's brother, B. F. Allen, married Mary Louisa Trousdale, Governor Trousdale's daughter, and a relative of my ancestor, Mary "Polly" Trousdale.

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