21 February 2013

From The Sylvester Richmond Probate File In Lapeer

Some of the Lapeer County, Michigan, Probate files are online, at FamilySearch.org, but the files start at #446, so #23 isn't one of them.

Is Sylvester Richmond a descendant of John Richmond, the original immigrant, whose lives are chronicled at my Richmond & Connected Lineages blog?  I don't know.

Lapeer County Probate File #23 

Estate of Sylvester Richmond
Charles Vantine, Administrator
Lapeer, October 1843
Mason Buttes, Judge of Probate

Administrator of Estate of Sylvester Richmond, part to James Kipp, Lewis Van Cleve

Charles Vantine appointed adminstrator
Town of Atlas in said county (Lapeer)
dated Atlas, Lapeer Count, December 9, 1842

Inventory - Estate of Sylvester Richmond - Book A, Page 73 84 - March 6, 1843

An Inventory of the effects of Sylvester Richmond, deceased
Given the 7th day of Jany 1843
#1 Note  6 Feb 1841 running to the bearer for $20 on demand John Porrit, amount $22.58
#2  Note  22 June 1840 running to Sylvester Richmond for $83.95....
#3 " 23 June 1840.to Sylvester Richmond for $12 John Porritt $14.13
A. H. Bancroft, amount $4.10
….appraisers James Vantine, John Vantine, C. Parshall

Statement of Appraisers
James Vantine
Twp of Atlas, County of Lapeer
7 Jany 1842

On May 26, 1896, a tornado passed through the area and killed a John Porritt, age 75, and two of his daughters-in-law.  He may have been the John Porritt named in this probate file.

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