22 February 2013

Nathan Bush Among The First Settlers Of The Republic Of Texas

A brief biography of Nathan W. Bush here.

Montgomery-Bush Cemetery on "Bush" land.  Nathan's wife, Judith A (Thacker) Bush, "a citizen of the Republic of Texas," was buried there.  According to FindAGrave, Nathan W. Bush (1812-1882) was buried at the Thomas Cochran Cemetery in Austin County, Texas.

First Settlers Of The Republic Of Texas, first published in 1840, included N.W. Bush:

Austin County - 2nd Class
BUSH, N. W., 640  March 16, 1838

From Republic Claims - Texas State Library and Archives Comm.:
Borden, John P. Bush, N. W. AU Unnumbered 01 122 545 662 102026
Borden, John P. Bush, N. W. AU Unnumbered 02 130 634 635 7215

In July 1853, William Gordon Bachman bought 320 acres from N. W. Bush in Austin County, Texas.

From The Portal To Texas History website, The Hempstead Courier published in Hempstead, Texas, Vol. 1, No. 1, Ed. 1 Wednesday, June 1, 1859:  "When our esteemed fellow citizen Mr. N. W. Bush, was last in Sempronius.....".

From a lawsuit, Sorsy v. State, at Leagle.com:

"320 Acres known as the Solomon Smith Three hundred and twenty acre survey bounded N by the J. F. Martin 640 Survey — E by a survey made for NW Bush South by 640 Survey patented to John Law & West by a 320 Survey Patented to D. Boon."

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