04 June 2012

A Potpourri Of Blog Posts

A retrospective compilation from my six blogs:

Detour Through History is my first blog:

Murder of a Roark descendant, the Robert Maxwell Martin family
A Palm caricature
Kit Acklin, Texas Ranger 
Native born Great-Grandma Addie Was An Alien
Shared Ancestor with Herbert Hoover

From my "In Deeds" blog:

An Elvis Presley sighting in the Shelby Co., Tennessee, deeds.
Searching for property information about my childhood home led to the Jimmy Hoffa investigation by RFK
My ancestor, Christopher Acklin, was deposed in a case involving (explorer) Dr. Thomas Walker's land
Confederate General James Longstreet's connection to Michigan
Abraham Lincoln and the Gallatin Co., Illinois, deed

The Cameron Collections blog is more of a "one name study," including Camerons not related to me:

Alexander Cameron, step-father of a "Princess" 
My Dad, son of a Cameron

My Richmond family blog focuses on ancestors and descendants found in a lineage book by Joshua Bailey Richmond.  

Included in the Richmond & Connected Lineages blog:

Helen Pitt Douglass, wife of Frederick Douglass
My Mayflower lineage [Cynthia (Richmond) More and her father, Thomas Richmond]
Senator Charles Sumner (was beaten with a cane on the Senate floor)

Relatively Fiction ties in books with genealogical and/or historical events:

John Brown, Frederick Douglass and Detroit in this blog post
The connection between Mrs. Richmond and Edgar Allan Poe here
Mrs. Kenneth Price* mentioned in Madame Castel's Lodger
*My niece and nephew's great-grandmother

War Of 1812 Chronicles is my newest blog:

Hiram Cronk, the last survivor

As a finale, a picture of me and my Dad a few decades ago!

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