06 April 2012

William Lyon Mackenzie's Petition

The famous William Lyon Mackenzie was the acting executor for the estate of Robert Randall, Esq.  Mackenzie was a leader during the 1837 Canadian Rebellion.

Petition of Wm. L. Mackenzie, Esq., 
Acting Executor, 
Estate of the Late Robert Randall, Esq.


A statement about Robert Randall pertaining to Mr. Mackenzie's attempt to get a bill passed through the legislature to obtain relief for Mr. Randall's heirs [Source]:

More information about this case can be found in the records of William Lyon Mackenzie [which] include:... the records of Robert Randall, an Upper Canada merchant involved in a legal dispute with the courts of Upper Canada, a cause Mackenzie took up as executor of Randall's estate after his death in 1834 (includes correspondence, and notes and newspaper clippings made by Mackenzie involving the case).

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