07 April 2012

William Lyon Mackenzie

A portrait of William Lyon Mackenzie from the publication, Robert Randall and the Le Breton Flats. William Lyon Mackenzie was an executor of Robert Randall's estate. [See additional post here]

Also see: The Life and Times of Wm. Lyon Mackenzie, with an account of the Canadian rebellion of 1837, and the subsequent frontier disturbances, chiefly from unpublished documents. Vol. I [of 2]
Author: Lindsey, Charles (1820-1908) Date of first publication: 1862, for much more information about Mr. Mackenzie, including:

The striking want of moral courage in many who were engaged with Mackenzie in the unfortunate and ill-advised insurrection, in Upper Canada, in 1837, led them to attempt to throw the odium of an enterprise that had failed in its direct object entirely upon him. Men, of whose complicity in that affair the clearest evidence exists, cravenly deny all knowledge of it. Mackenzie never shrank from his share of the responsibility. He lived to see and admit the error of the movement, and to express deep regret for the part he had taken. But an enterprise which cannot be justified, and the engaging in which involved him in ruin, was in the end advantageous to the country. 

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