05 April 2012

Documents For Mr. Randall's Probate In Mr. Wm. L. Mackenzie's Report

Schedule of documents in the Report of the petition of Wm. L. Mackenzie, Esq., acting executor to the estate of the late Robert Randall, Esq., of Chippawa:

William Lyon Mackenzie was a famous Canadian whose life was influenced by his friend, Robert Randall.

From The Life and Times of Wm. Lyon Mackenzie...:
It often happens that the influence of one individual upon another, at a critical period of his life, shapes and moulds his destiny. Was Mr. Mackenzie subject to any such influence? Perhaps this question cannot be satisfactorily answered. While living at Queenstown, he became acquainted with Mr. Robert Randall, a Virginian by birth, (and a near relative of John Randolph, of Roanoke,) who had come to this Province as a permanent settler, and was then living at Chippewa. Randall was a politician, and it is probable that his influence on Mr. Mackenzie first led him into politics. The proof is not clear; but Mrs. Mackenzie is of that opinion. 

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