08 April 2012

William Lyon Mackenzie's Correspondence With Millard Fillmore

...Mackenzie raised the flag of revolt and many of the Reform Party who had been active for Randall were scattered, and the claims of Randall's heirs were forgotten by most people.

Mackenzie's loyalty to his old friend, however, remained staunch and true even in exile.

In 1838 he had some correspondence with Mr. Millard Fellmore [sic] (afterwards President of the United States) who at the time was practising law in Buffalo and who had been retained by the Randall heirs in the United States to endeavour to obtain some relief for them.   [Source]


Joan said...

Wow, a short post, but there was so much there -- & my reading has been behind lately, but I took the time to follow the back links --- very interesting. Glad I took the time!

PalmsRV said...

Thanks for reading it, Joan. There was so much material. I pretty much stumbled upon it, so I'm still trying to get my mind wrapped around it! Cathy