16 September 2010

Resignation of James V. A. Hinds As Surveyor In Madison County, Alabama

Just one of the little gems found at the Madison County Records Center in Huntsville, Alabama; the record below was written by my 3rd great-granduncle, James Vance Acklin Hinds. He was the son of William & Elizabeth (Acklin) Hinds who were my 4th great-grandparents. He is the same James V.A. Hinds who went to "aid & assist Texas in her struggle for independence (in 1835)."
The resignation of James V. A. Hinds as County Surveyor as found in the Madison County, Alabama, Probate Files (File #2144):

No. 2144
James V. A. Hinds
As County Surveyor

Ordered to be recorded, and filed: See Probate Court Minute Book No. 5 p. 299
Recorded in Probate Record Book No. 22 page 79
Filed ___

Huntsville Madison County Alabama Dec. 28th 1857
To Hon. F. L. Hammond J. P _ and Commissioners Court of Said County


Feeling myself under lasting obligations to your Honorable body for the confidence ___ and trust placed in me as your County Surveyor. I feel it my duty as resigning the same into your hands to give my reasons for so doing. Tho greatest and prime cause is my physical inability to do the duties of the office as it should be, a secondary cause was that in a primary point of view I could not live and do justice to my family by holding the office. I therefore with sincere thanks surrender the office back to the power who gave it.

With high regard I am your
Obt Servant
James V A Hinds


Nancy said...

Do you know what he means when he said he could not and do justice to his family by holding the office? Was there some controversy between his work and his family, I wonder. Do you know how old he was when he resigned? It's definitely a gem!

PalmsRV said...

Wow Nancy, really good questions. He would have been about 47 years old in 1857. He remarried in 1865, so perhaps his first wife was ill or had already died (need to get her date of death). James V.A.Hinds was a great...granduncle.