18 September 2010

Filling In Some Blanks In The Family Tree

My 11 year old granddaughter recently asked me if any of our ancestors wrote a diary and if so, would I find it for her. Looking through my WorldConnect database for possible diarists in the family tree, she found Stephen Hopkins, one of the Mayflower passengers.

She was underwhelmed by what she found. Through her own research she knew that Stephen Hopkins had a second wife and a child born while crossing the Atlantic Ocean; my database included neither.

My thinking was that my database was not the "go to" place for Mayflower information so I only had Stephen Hopkins' first wife, his daughter Constance (my ancestor) and his son Giles. That was not good enough for The Granddaughter, so I've filled in a few of the blanks (still skimpy, but it might satisfy her for a while).

Now if only I could find a boatload of diaries to hold her interest in her ancestors!

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