17 July 2009

Local Rock-N-Roll Legends

Grand Funk Railroad was the greatest rock-n-roll band ever to a few of us who grew up in the Flint area. Terry Knight and the Pack, which was an earlier version of the band was right up there too.

A big thrill for me was a chance encounter with Grand Funk Railroad's lead singer, Mark Farner. I was in Eastland Mall (now Courtland Center) talking to his cousin and who should walk up to us but the Rock Legend himself, Mark Farner. I believe he was shopping for the band's upcoming gig at Shea Stadium in New York, a concert that sold out faster than even the Beatles.

The Henry Ford Museum has a temporary exhibit, Rock Stars' Cars and Guitars 2, which includes Mark Farner. See Jim's blog for pictures.

Another Grand Funk band member, Don Brewer, and I both grew up in Swartz Creek, Michigan. His mother, Eileen, was my six grade teacher and if memory serves, my dad was his high school guidance counselor for a brief time. Was it Mrs. Brewer who told us a story about her father (grandfather?) who got blood poisoning from a needle and died?

Terry Knight of Terry Knight and the Pack was murdered by his daughter's boyfriend in Texas. He is buried in Lapeer's Mt. Hope Cemetery.

Just a little stroll down memory lane.

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