16 July 2009

A Few Cleveland Descendants

My blog post in "Relatively Fiction," profiled Reverend John Cleaveland, a descendant of Moses & Ann (Winn) Cleveland, who was the subject of a book, The World of John Cleaveland by Christopher M. Jedrey. While researching for that post, there was so much additional material that didn't really pertain to Reverend Cleaveland, but did pertain to others descendants of Moses & Ann (Winn) Cleveland (of which I am one).

A "Cleveland" time line with various Cleveland references can be seen on "Google" here.

Edmund Janes Cleveland wrote the definitive Cleveland Family book (3 volumes!) covering the whole family (as of 1899). A description of his (Edmund Janes Cleveland) papers can be seen here and his obituary can be seen here.

Another descendant of Moses & Ann (Winn) Cleveland was President (Stephen) Grover Cleveland; a description of his ancestors can be seen here. A book co-authored by President Cleveland, "Addresses, state papers and letters," also included his ancestry. President Cleveland's ancestry can also be found here and a profile of his wife and sister can be found here.

Found here in Putnam's monthly historical magazine, is a detailed discussion of President Cleveland's ancestors. The Putnam publication also mentioned President Cleveland's ancestors Hester Hyde and her husband, John Post, who were also my ancestors as well (page 157 among others). Putnam's also mentioned Rev. John Cleveland (on page 160) profiled in this blog post.

In "The ancestry of Jane Maria Greenleaf," another discussion of Moses & Ann (Winn) Cleveland can be found.

Another descendant of Moses & Ann (Winn) Cleveland can be found in the book, "Jesse Smith, His Ancestors and Descendants," by L. Bertrand Smith.

A Supreme Court of Ohio case that involved Clevelands of Ohio can be seen here. More information about Ohio Clevelands can be found here. The City of Cleveland was named after General Moses Cleveland.

My Cleveland ancestors mentioned in my "Richmonds & Connected Lineages" blog that lists my Mayflower lineage (Edward Cleveland who married Rebecca Paine and their daughter, Joanna, who married 2nd John Backus).

Where Clevelands are concerned this is only the tip of the iceberg.....

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Miriam said...

I can't connect my Clevelands to any of the published lines. I only wish that my Clarissa Cleveland had been listed in a death record with her parents' names...but no luck! :-(