06 August 2018

Destined For The Enemy At Hanging Rock


See earlier post from A biography of General Davie (1756 - 1820) which was found in the Magazine Of America here.

"...Colonel Locke, notwithstanding the disparity of force, attacked alone and won a complete victory."

Shortly after Major Davie was ordered to take post near the South Carolina line, opposite Hanging Rock, to prevent the enemy [under Colonel Moore] from foraging and to check the depredations of the tories who infested that section.

With part of his dragoons and some volunteers he left camp July 20, 1780, to intercept a convoy of provisions and clothing destined for the enemy at Hanging Rock, eighteen miles distant. Marching all night, he turned the enemy's flank and fell into the Camden road five miles below Hanging Rock. Here he awaited the convoy, which appeared in the afternoon, and it was surprised and completely captured with all the stores.

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