06 May 2017

The Family Of Bertha (Johnson) Wise

The work done on this family was in response to a representative of the Graves Family Association who asked for an update on the Johnson branch of Graves descendants.

Bertha Johnson's father, George W. Johnson, b. 3 Feb. 1860, who was the son of James and Nancy (Graves) Johnson, married Martha Elizabeth Rievely, 28 April 1885.  He died 9 Jan. 1898 and was buried in Big Ridge Cemetery, Saline County, Illinois.

Cottage Grove, Saline, Illinois
James Johnson  Self  M 40 Illinois
Nancy J Johnson Wife F 45 Tennessee
George W Johnson Son M 20 Illinois
James D Johnson Son M 17 Illinois
Elvira E Johnson Daughter F 16 Illinois
Josephine Johnson Daughter F 13 Illinois
William L Johnson Son M 10 Illinois
Jacob G Johnson Son M 9 Illinois

George Washington Johnson and Martha Elizabeth Rievely's children:

Elbert, b. 15 April 1886; d. 1921
Ethel, b. November 1887
Josephine, b. August 1889
Bertha, b. 16 January 1892
Fred, b. 3 January 1893 (or 1894)
Frank, b. January 1896

Cottage Township, Saline, Illinois
Bettie E Johnson Head F 36 Illinois
Elbert Johnson Son M 14 Illinois
Ethel Johnson Daughter F 13 Illinois
Josie Johnson Daughter F 11 Illinois
Bertha Johnson Daughter F 8 Illinois
Fredie Johnson Son M 6 Illinois
Frankie Johnson Son M 4 Illinois

Bertha Johnson (1892-1992) married Grover Cleveland Wise.  

Census 1920
Independence, Saline, Illinois
Grasier C Wise Head M 33 Indiana
Bertha Wise Wife  F 27 Illinois
George [Lowell] Wise Son M 9 Illinois
Mary M Wise Daughter F 8 Illinois
Larance E Wise Son M 7 Illinois
Bertha R Wise Daughter F 0 Illinois

George Lowell Wise (1910-1995) married Freda Kaid (1914-2006) and had at least 4 children.

Census 1940
Cottage Township, Saline, Illinois
Lowell Wise Head M 30 Illinois
Freda Wise Wife  F 25 Illinois
Betty Jane Wise Daughter F 9 Illinois
Bobby Beryl Wise Son M 5 Illinois
Wilma Larene Wise Daughter F 0 Illinois

Mary M. Wise married Samuel Gates.

United States Census, 1940
East Eldorado Township, Saline, Illinois
Sam Gates Head M 33 Arkansas
Marie Gates Wife  F 28 Illinois
Marianne Gates Daughter F 9 Illinois
Samy J Gates Son M 7 Illinois

Laurence Earl Wise (1912-2010) died in Peoria, Illinois.  He was survived by two sons.

[Bertha] Rosalie Wise (1919-2011), married Robert DeNeal. 

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