01 April 2017

Last Entry In The Backus Diary

The Historical Magazine dated September, 1866, printed the Diary of the Indian campaign in Florida of 1837-8, written by Capt. Electus Backus, U.S.A.

The last entry in the diary is for April 1, 1838, Captain Backus writes: 

"Eight cases of scurvy this morning.  An express (mail) with orders for the first regiment to scour for the islands in El Pat-i-oka for Co-a-co-ochee (Wildcat) and his party....Fourth Infantry gone to Warm Springs, Captain Hoffman gone to New Orleans as guard to Indians taken at Bunero, etc., etc.," and then ends the diary with: "Two soldiers were shot by Indians, pending Jesup's treaty--a good excuse for violating it on his part."

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