31 March 2017

Colonel Chester's Proud Resemblance

Source Of Spring In Nashville, Tennessee

I was once," he went on to say, " caught in the rain going to the Hermitage. You know my first wife [Elizabeth] was Mrs. Jackson's niece, a daughter of Colonel Hay's, and the most beautiful woman I ever saw in my life. Jackson lent me a suit of his clothes which fitted me exactly, shoes and all. We were just the same size, six feet one," and Colonel [Robert] Chester drew himself up as if proud of the resemblance[Source]

Per Notable Southern Families:

"Jane Donelson married (1787) Colonel Robert Hays, who was born in Scotland. On coming to America, he located at Nashville, later at Haysville, Tennessee."  "...[a child of theirs was] (8) Elizabeth Hays, who married Robert I. Chester."

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