25 March 2017

John Backus Probate In Tompkins County

New York, Probate Records...Tompkins Wills 1856-1874...I-137  [Image 363]:

Re. Will of John Backus, Will Book I, pp. 137-139 (transcription)
[Note: In the will, John Backus' named daughters were: Jerusha Osborn; Laury Richmond; Cynthia Richardson; Lorenzer Waters; Harriet Culver; and Hannah Buskirk, who had died prior to 21 Aug 1861. The heirs of Hannah Buskirk were: Mrs. Mary Culbert; Mrs. Harriet (Hattie) Russell, wife of William Russell; Mrs. Emma Hartson, wife of Edwin Hartson; Mrs. Emeline Shafer, wife of Phineas Shafer; and a grandson, Jay L. Sherd.]

Also see: New York, Probate Records, Tompkins Executor records 1862-1876 vol G2
Volume G2 - Page 5 [Image 37]

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