21 January 2017

Maria Mitchell's Probate #21796

Michigan Probate Records, Wayne Probate packets...:

Probate File #21796
Maria Mitchell
Died: 21 January 1896

She and her husband were buried in Elmwood Cemetery
Mitchell, Thomas C. (dec'd son) Elmwood Cemetery
Vinton, George Jay, Heir and Executor, Detroit, Died 23 Dec. 1910
(Nee) Allen or Allyn, Annie (Reissner) Niece, Trustee, Detroit, Later Chatham, Ontario
Allen or Allyn, Maria, Niece
Wilson, Ann, Sister, Executrix, Detroit
Vinton, Warren Jay, son of George Jay Vinton, Detroit
Irving, Avis, Heir, Indianapolis, Indiana
Morris, Alice, Niece, Detroit
Vinton, Rose B., Guardian of Minor Heirs Of George Jay Vinton
Vinton, Robert K., Minor
Vinton, Donald, Minor
Vinton, Elizabeth, Minor
Morris, William, Heir, Detroit

Letter Addressed To The
Consul Of Great Britain At New York

Henry Morris, Tilbury, Ontario, Canada
George Morris, Tilbury " "
Charles Morris, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Thomas Morris, Cottam, Canada
Henry Morris, Tilbury, West Canada
Emma Morris Dodson, Tilbury, West Canada

Michigan, United States [Detroit, Wayne Co.]
Maria Mitchell F 38 England
Annie A Mitchell F 10 Upper Canada
Thomas Mitchell M 5 Michigan
Next Door is Ann Wilson (Maria's sister)

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