20 January 2017

Estate Of Luigi Dama In Court


In the Matter of the Estate of LUIGI DAMA, Deceased.

When Both Olographic [alo known as Holographic] and Attested. — A testamentary document in the handwriting of the testator and having subscribing witnesses may be proved either as an olographic or as an attested will.

Luigi Dama died intestate in San Francisco on the twentieth day of January, 1888...at the time of his death he was a widower, his wife, Wealthy B. J. Dama, having predeceased him on the sixth day of November, 1882, in the said city and county; that she left surviving her Luigi Dama, her husband, and Sarah Randall, her mother, the contestant; also brothers and sisters — Edward W. Randall, of Bath, Maine, aged fifty-eight years, Benjamin Randall, Boston, Massachusetts, aged forty-five years.
Frank H. Randall, aged thirty-two years, and Jennie Forbes, Boston, Massachusetts, aged forty-six years that at the time of the death of Luigi Dama he left property which was acquired by the joint labor of himself and his spouse.

San Francisco, San Francisco, California
Household Role Gender Age Birthplace
Luigi Dama Self M 54 Italy
Wealthy B Dama Wife  F 53 Maine
Horace Adams Other  M 50 New York
Mary Adams Other  F 42 Massachusetts
John Folsom Other M 48 Ohio
Chas Dunlap Other M 29 Wisconsin
Mary Fairchild Other F 26 New York
James Fairchild Other M 9 New York
Jennie Fairchild Other F 6 New York
Ah Sing Other M 25 China

Wealthy Dama was buried in Bath, Maine.

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