31 December 2016

Update About A DNA Match

Corrections and an update to this blog post:

13 JANUARY 2015

A DNA Match

This is a match on my maternal line.  Curiously, there is also a mutual match* on my paternal [Cameron] line.

                          Peter Snay m. Sophia Swinyer                                 
William H. Daniels m. Louisa Maria Snay
Fred Knapp m. Mary Daniels
Beulah Lenore Knapp m. Morrison Agnew
*Daughter [With Whom I  (my brother) Matched]

Peter Snay m. Sophia Swinyer
Mary Jane Snay m. David Swinyer
Sophia Jeannette Swinyer m. John Joseph Garrett
James Herschel Garrett m. Katherine I. Johnson
(Living Garrett) m. Richard N. Powers
Me (my brother)

Peter and Sophia Snay lived in upstate New York.

Because I was managing my brother's profile, his DNA was a proxy for me (mine had not been tested in January of 2015).  There was a DNA match on our maternal line (with two sisters) that confirmed the relationship found through traditional research methods.

Update and Correction: There was a DNA match, but it wasn't with my DNA.  Neither sister was on my list of matches at FTDNA!  Thank goodness my brother donated his DNA to the cause.

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