13 January 2015

A DNA Match

This is a match on my maternal line.  Curiously, there is also a mutual match* on my paternal [Cameron] line.

                          Peter Snay m. Sophia Swinyer                                 
William H. Daniels m. Louisa Maria Snay
Fred Knapp m. Mary Daniels
Beulah Lenore Knapp m. Morrison Agnew
*Daughter [With Whom I Matched]

Peter Snay m. Sophia Swinyer
Mary Jane Snay m. David Swinyer
Sophia Jeannette Swinyer m. John Joseph Garrett
James Herschel Garrett m. Katherine I. Johnson
(Living Garrett) m. Richard N. Powers

Peter and Sophia Snay lived in upstate New York.


An Agnew said...

Hi Cathy,
I am your DNA relation. I just thought I'd say "Hi".

Barb Agnew Miers

PalmsRV said...

Hi back at you, Barb! Knowing how we match has helped in sorting out DNA matches at FTNDA, so thanks for taking the test!!

Cathy (Powers) Palm