06 November 2015

Fain Shot A Spy

There was a Fain who was living in Black's Fort....

  "...descended from Nicholas Fain, born in France in 1730. He moved to Ireland where he married Elizabeth Taylor, an English lady. The children of Nicholas Fain were Samuel, John, David, William, Thomas, Ebenezer, Reuben, and Elizabeth.

One of the sons, Ebenezer Fain...[a] resident in Washington county, Virginia...enlisted in the Patriot armies for a three months term...stationed at Black Fort and Montgomery Station and was engaged in two battles with Indians in one of which sixteen were killed in June 1780. 


"...young Fain shot John Foulin, a spy, on whom was found an express note from Lord Cornwallis to the Tory Captain Moore, urging him to defend his fort until some troops could reach him. The Americans took advantage  of this information, captured Moore and his fort, together with one hundred men and then dispersed at Musgrove Mills the party sent to reinforce Captain Moore."

A document from Ebenezer Fain's Revolutionary War Pension and Bounty-Land Warrant Application File:

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