06 September 2015

Vying For The Attention Of A Lapeer Widow

San Francisco Call, Volume 68, Number 96, 4 September 1890:


Advising a Pretty Widow of Lapeer Not to Become A Clam

Lewis Clam resides in Burnside Township, Mich. So does Albert Butler; likewise a pretty young widow. The natural sequence followed, and, according to a dispatch from Lapeer to the St. Louis Globe-Democrat, both Clam and Butler fell in love with that widow, and she kept them both on the string.

Each knew the other's intention, and each hired a horse to beat the other to the widow's house.

Clam dashed by and arrived at the widow's house 10 minutes ahead of Butler, and by the time the tardy young man arrived at the Justice's house to urge his case the widow had become a Clam.

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