07 September 2015

The Trial Of Robert Randall

The trial according to A faithful report of the trial and acquittal of Robert Randall, Esq.: a member of the Commons House of Assembly in Upper Canada, accused of perjury, and tried at Niagara, on Wednesday the 7th of September, 1825.

Biographical details of Robert Randal(l) with added links:

"RANDAL, ROBERT (before about 1809 he signed Randall), businessman and politician; b. c. 1766 probably in Harford County, Md; probably unmarried, he had a daughter by Deborah Pettit; d. 2 May 1834 at Gravelly Bay, Niagara District, Upper Canada."

"Before the assizes of 1819, Randal’s debt to Boulton fell due."  "To satisfy this judgement, Boulton attached the whole of Randal’s 1,000-acre property at the Chaudière Falls."

 "...[another] decision was to lead to a sheriff’s sale of Randal’s 1,200-acre estate in Wainfleet...".

Randall, who perceived that he was a victim of powerful political interests, ran for politcal office himself in the Lincoln district.  "Randal, by now a popular hero, won easily."

"...Randal’s persistence made him a popular hero and led his enemies in the Niagara area to make another...effort to crush him in the courts." 

Source - Map Of Property Once Owned By Randall

Randall's property also mentioned here and here.

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