17 April 2015

The Matthew Marvin Line

Source - Matthew Marvin On Plat Map of Ancient Norwalk, Connecticut

My grandkids' ancestors through the Matthew Marvin line:

Matthew Marvin m. Elizabeth
Sarah Marvin m. William Goodrich*
William Goodrich m. Grace Riley**
Anne Goodrich m. Robert Powell
Miles Powell m. Jemima Adkins
Hannah Powell m. Wait Squier
Wait Squier m. Abigail Powell
Manley Wallace Squier m. Caroline Young
Manley Dean Squier m. Mabel Helms
D. Squier m. Lorell Thierry

***The Goodrich family in America...included the following excerpts:

William Goodrich born in England... .  ...also called Ensign William Goodrich in 1676, just after the close of King Philip's war. He married Sarah, daughter of Matthew Marvin of Hartford and his wife Elizabeth, Oct 4, 1648... . 

A few of the mutual "Marvin" descendants...[through] Matthew Marvin...:

Lee Marvin [lineage here]
William T. Sherman [here]
Humphrey Bogart [here]

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