15 January 2015

A French-Canadian DNA Match

My Staves lineage from an earlier post [additional ancestors added]:

Joseph Jacquex Staves*
Mitchell Swinyer m. Mary Staves
Peter Snay m. Sophia Swinyer
Mary Jane Snay m. David Swinyer
Sophia Jeannette Swinyer m. John Joseph Garrett
James Herschel Garrett m. Katherine I. Johnson
(Living Garrett) m. Richard N. Powers

Sophia (Swinyer) Snay's parents were Mitchell Swinyer and Mary Staves.  Mary Staves' father was Joseph Jacquex Staves.

This is where it gets tricky; the name Bricault dit Lamarche may have been changed to Staves.  The match portrayed in this post connected to the parents of a Bricault dit Lamarche wife (Marie Chenier).

Publication about Jean Bricault dit Lamarche.  See the synopsis of the story of Jean-Baptiste Bricault Lamarche (b. Abt. 1646, d. August 19, 1726).

There was a DNA match with a mutual descendant of Jean Chenier and his wife, Jacqueline Sedilot. [Side Note: Was Chenier an earlier version of Swinyer?].

My Jean Chenier lineage:

Jean Chenier m. Jacqueline Sedilot
Marie Chenier m. Jean-Baptiste Bricault Lamarche
Jean Baptiste Bricault dit Lamarche m. Marie Petronille Janot dite Lachapelle
Jean Baptiste Archange Bricault Lamarche m. Angelique Bazinet
*Joseph Jacquex Staves [for the remainder of the tree, see above]

A branch of the tree of my DNA match [also has "dit" names]:

Jean Chenier m. Jacqueline Sedilot
Jean Chenier m. Genevieve Ferre
Jean Baptiste Chenier m. Barbe Rapin
Louis Morel Madore m. Catherine Marguerite Chenier
Francois Morel Madore m. Marguerite Campau
Jean Baptiste Poirier m. Marie Madore
Francois Xavier Quevillon m. Felicite Poirier
Antoine Laurin m. Glaphire Quevillon
Mr. Ovila Laurin
[Mother of DNA match]
Living [DNA match]  - **My 9th Cousin, 1x Removed

Because my DNA match and I are such distant cousins**, were there additional matches on additional ancestors?  The DNA FamilyFinder estimate was that the match and I were 2nd to 4th cousins.

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