04 October 2014

Of Honourable And Historic Families


"...both his [John M. Clement's] father and mother were of honourable and historic families---George A. Clement, his father being the son of that hero, who under the name of  'Ranger John,' Mr. Kirby has made immortal in his poem, 'The U. E.,' but whose proper name was that of our subject his grandson John.  His mother, Hannah Ball, who at the age of 90 years is still in our midst, is the daughter of John C. Ball who fought for the King and country at Queenston Heights." [Source]

District: ON LINCOLN & NIAGARA (#85)
Subdistrict:  Niagara (Town/Ville) H-2 Page 1
Details: Schedule 1 Microfilm T-6479

Clement Hannah F Head W Jul 12 1817  84
Clement Fanny A. F Daughter S Sep 19 1852  49
Clement John M M Head M Oct 4 1841  59
Clement Elizabeth F Wife         M Aug 6 1843  57
Clement Lulu F. M. F Daughter S Aug 30 1868  32

John M. Clement's grandparents were John Clement and Mary Ball.

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