05 August 2014

Mccreas On The Rideau

Also see the McCrea of Montague blog post.  McCreas (source also here)

Residence Of Mrs. Colonel McCrea, Easton's Corners

Among the first pioneers on the Rideau were the McCreas, John, Edward and Thomas settling in the vicinity of Merrickville, James settling in Augusta and Alexander choosing Wolford.

Alexander McCrea was born March 24th, 1784, at Stillwater, in the United States. He removed to Canada when about fourteen years of age, locating first at Burritt's Rapids, where he remained for five years, then removing to Wolford, settling on Lot No. 21, in the 3rd Concession. He married Anna Edmunds... .

He [Alexander] died universally respected, leaving the following children: Walter, born November 10th, 1810; Alexander, Jr., born May 22nd, 1816; Colonel, born October 28th, 1818; Samuel Nelson, born February 21st, 1821; Heman, born April 2nd, 1828; William, born September 24th, 1830; Lucy, born January 19th, 1814; Anna, born June 28th, 1823. 

[Heman McCrea]...resides on the old homestead in Wolford. On the 10th of May, 1855, he married Amelia Roche, daughter of William Roche, of Wolford. Mr. McCrea s grandfather, on his father's side, was Samuel McCrea, a U. E. Loyalist, who came to Canada in 1788, and settled in Montague, near Burritt's Rapids. His grandfather on his mother's side, was William Edmunds, who came to Canada in 1801 from Danby, Vermont, settling at Sly's Rapids, on the Rideau.

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