21 April 2014

Names From The L.D. Hickey Correspondence

The Clarke Historical Library at Central Michigan University included a Strangite Collection:

Source - L. D. Hickey Photo

L.D. Hickey Correspondence  (B3 - F7)

Letter to Brother Post -- (n.d.)....

Asking for post office address of Moses Chase the Patriarch; Also F. coopers, Samuel Field bro Fingal, bro Tubbs and bro Whipple

And tell me if you know the particulars of James last hours....

List of names on the other side of the letter:
A. M (or A. W.) Prindle & Phin. wright -- do--
Warren Post, Big Woods p.o. Illinois
M.M. Aldrich, Kelloggsville, Michigan
E. Page, Inbruke, Iowa
T. James Hutchins, Muskegon, p.o. Wisconsin
I.P.  Cheboygan, Wisconsin
Ed. Chidester, Comstock, Michigan
L. D. H. Waterford, Wisconsin
E. Barnham, Kirtland, Ontario

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