07 February 2014

Grandma Katie's Ancestors And DNA

Based upon DNA submitted by my brother at Family Tree DNA and a fortunate match with Grandma Katie's nephew's daughter (through Pearl Johnson, Grandma Katie's sister, and Robert Logan, Pearl's son), I was able to select persons who matched both my brother and Pearl's granddaughter, and make the assumption that those persons had a mutual ancestor(s) somewhere in Grandma Katie's family tree (as opposed to the Powers (paternal) tree or the Garrett (my maternal grandfather's) family tree).


Katherine Irene Johnson, daughter of
James Dudley Johnson and Katie Rice

Katherine Irene Johnson, granddaughter of
James Johnson and Nancy Graves
James A. Rice and Nancy Jane Patillo

Katherine Irene Johnson, great granddaughter of
Felix Grundy Patillo and Eleanor Ellen Roark
Ransom Scroggins Rice and Ann Hinds
Jacob? Graves and Nancy? (LNU)
John Johnson and Mary Greer

Katherine Irene Johnson, great great granddaughter of
John S. Patillo and Mary Trousdale and
Michael Roark and Nancy Evans
William Hinds and Elizabeth Acklin
Asa/Asel Greer and Rebecca Neighbors

Katherine Irene Johnson, great great great-granddaughter of
James Patillo and Mary Samuels (or Samwell)
Alexander Trousdale and Mary Ann (Webb?)
William Roark and Elizabeth (LNU)
David Evans and Alice (Alsey) Anderson
Aquilla Greer and Elizabeth Bandy
Francis Neighbors and ?

Katherine Irene Johnson, great great great-great grandaughter of
John Trousdale and ?
George Webb? and Margaret Adcock?
John Anderson and Arabella (LNU)
Richard Bandy and ?
Aquilla Greer and Elizabeth Lowe

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